Video on Demand: The Bottom Line

Video on Demand: The Bottom Line

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  1. Audiences are ready for more immersive experiences with brands. Two thirds of all UK adults now expect their digital experiences and interactions with brands online to be seamless, innovative and enhance their real world. Hear from Verizon Media on how today’s agile technology and innovations can help you engage with your audience in a more interactive, smart and effective way.
    Monica Majumdar, Head of Strategy - Verizon Media UK
  2. How AB InBev is evolving from a solid traditional mixed media model (MMM) to an End-to-End Analytics Ecosystem to evaluate Marketing in all key dimensions and provide predictive recommendation for the optimal media mix to drive measurable business growth. 
    Luiz Felipe Barros, Global Marketing Vice President, Data & Media - Anheuser-Busch InBev
  3. Winning websites are constantly evolving. They are increasingly personalised, optimised, and customised so that organisations can deliver on shifting marketing strategies and achieve business goals with greater speed and efficiency. 

    Join us to learn:

    • The tools required to streamline digital analysis and content optimisation so you can easily enhance marketing effectiveness 
    • How you can easily analyse, optimise, and personalise digital journeys that impact the bottom line
    Jennifer McAdams, VP Marketing - Progress
    Rashmi Hurst, Director of Analytics + Insight - LEAP Agency
  4. Even beguilingly simple metrics can lead to implications that will force marketers to confront complexity. Using Net Promoter Score as an example, this session shows how to move from measurement to action, why framing really matters, and what the gains for the diligent will be.
    Helen Edwards, Director - Passionbrand
  5. In 2017, the National Lottery brand was at a low ebb. Accross all measures, its health was suffering and changes were needed. Join Keith Moor, CMO of parent company Camelot and YouGov's head of account management Amelia Brophy as they discuss why its important to establish a clear idea on what good looks like and how  a focus on brand and customers helped drive its biggest ever improvement in brand health scores.  
    Keith Moor, CMO - Camelot Group
    Amelia Brophy, Head of Account Management, UK - YouGov
  6. In the new normal marketers need to match their audience to become mobile-first and video-first. Join Dan Steele to understand how B2C and B2B audiences' online habits changed in 2020 and how they are likely to evolve.

    In this session you will learn how video can deliver more brand recognition, clicks and sales, as well as how you can best use video to achieve your 2021 goals and beyond.

    Dan Steele, Director of Account Management, EMEA - Brightcove
  7. Find out how combining CRM, search insights and social listening tools with an always-on and agile analytics process led to product innovation, higher sales and enhanced engagement for brands including Kleenex and Huggies.
    Juliana Chu, Director of Digital and Analytics - Kimberly Clark, APAC
  8. How do you plan so everyone in your marketing organisation knows how their work fits into the bigger picture? And how do you measure success and ensure teams feel connected to your mission, engaged, and focused on achieving their biggest goals?

    In this session you will discover how to:

    - Centralise team communication and create clarity around planning
    - Ensure plans aren't dusty presentations that get forgotten about
    - Measure success to increase motivation and communicate impact

    Alicia Bruckman, Head of Marketing Operations - Asana
  9. Share of Search is a useful metric but not perfect (no metric ever is really). Marketers must always try to validate that it works in their category. By doing so they can enhance their understanding of their category works, build and test hypotheses and support strategy formulation.  Join James Hankins, who alongside Les Binet have been champions of this new metric, will run through the techniques, the watchouts, the validations and the extended implications with illustrations of use in several categories.  
    James Hankins, Strategy Consultant - Vizer Consulting
  10. Aligning Sales and Marketing is highly valued but easier said than done. What if you could measure collaboration between both teams? In this session, we invite marketers to consider a new performance metric, "Return on Alignment" (ROA), that could directly impact company growth and overall success. Join Anola Balthazar, Director of Marketing EMEA at Selling Simplified, as she shares insights from her experience implementing ROAI alongside Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).
    Anola Balthazar, Director of Marketing EMEA - Selling Simplified
  11. Your website may look better then it did 20 years ago - but does it perform any better?

    On our favourite search engines, we’ve moved on from disparate keywords and random blue links. We now expect a sophisticated search experience delivering map packs, knowledge cards and direct answers, all powered by Natural Language Processing. But when customers land on your website, do they travel back through time, to an outdated search experience from 1999?

    In this session, Benjamin Lickfett, Global Head of Innovation, will share how Diageo are modernising their websites and transforming the customer experience with natural language search, built for the age of AI.

     Join Yext & Diageo to explore why you need Search built for today. Not 1999.


    Benjamin Lickfett, Global Head of Digital Innovation - Diageo
    Jon Buss, Managing Director, EMEA - Yext
  12. Digital commerce is here to stay. Marketers and e-commerce teams need to make the most of the insights and data they have to deliver a better customer experience, and ultimately, drive more revenue. Find out how top brands address that revenue gap today.
    David Copeland, Senior Product Manager, E-commerce - inRiver
  13. The key internal stakeholder for any marketer is the CEO. But what do they see as success? In this session hear from CEOs on how they see effective marketing and marketing leadership.


    Nick Robinson, CEO - Kerry Foods
    Emma Woods, CEO - Wagamama
  14. How can brands empower themselves to have more meaningful conversations with their customers, when consumers adapt to new devices and channels quicker than the brands do? To reach your customers effectively, you need to ensure that you have the right technology—one that allows you to listen and understand your consumers to support responsive, relevant, and deeply human brand experiences. In this discussion, we’ll chat about how cross-channel engagement can help brands from acquisition to onboarding, and retention to loyalty, which leads to building long-term customer relationships.  


    Catherine Allan, Associate Director CRM - Babylon Health
    Georgia Harrison, Director, Customer Success EMEA - Braze
  15. Take a deep dive into the customer research and plans that made their brand re-position a success, increased their market share by 50%, and doubled their spontaneous brand awareness.

    CMO Sam Day will talk through the journey of research, creative directions and strategy, and how throwing the category’s rule book out the window and abandoning the norm of character-driven creative was actually the best decision they could have made.

    Among lessons to apply in other sectors, you'll also learn how to make your case to the wider business by bringing key internal stakeholders into your marketing plans.

    Sam Day, CMO -
  16. Strategic planning is a long-term play. But how can you plan for next year when it’s difficult to know what is happening tomorrow. Join two marketers from sectors facing huge pressure and great uncertainty to hear how they prepared for multiple scenarios and adopted a two-speed strategy to deal with short-term disruption without losing sight of the bigger picture.
    Katie McAlister, Chief Marketing Officer - TUI
    Abigail Comber, Outgoing Chief Marketing Officer - Debenhams
  17. KFC has firmly established itself as one of the nation’s favourite brands since arriving in the UK in 1965. But as with all beloved heritage brands, the challenge to remain relevant, modern and distinctive in a changing, fast-paced world is an ongoing (and tricky) one. Join us for a case study of successful long-term planning and strategy (despite some high-profile hiccups on the way), the importance of patience, commitment and a strong, clear diagnosis. In this session, CMO Meghan Farren describes the story of KFC UK & Ireland’s brand transformation journey, and gives a sneak peek of what’s to come for KFC in 2021.
    Meghan Farren, CMO - KFC
  18. Econometrics has long been used as a tool for marketers to help make the best decisions they can. But how has it progressed, and how can marketers use it to effectively predict outcomes when so much is unknown in 2021? In this panel we'll explore the best and the worst of econometrics and how to navigate the challenges the current environment has thrown at marketers.


    Yilmaz Erceyes, CMO - Premier Foods
    Michelle Spillane, Marketing & Brand Director - Paddy Power
    Rhea Fox, Head of Marketing - Aviva
  19. The open internet will lose its current basis for campaign measurement and attribution, on which advertisers and publishers alike rely to be able to assess performance and optimise their digital operations. 

    So what will the future of advertising on the open internet look like? How will success be measured? And what actions do advertisers need to take now to ensure they are ready for the change ahead? 

     Quantcast is joined by the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at DFS to explore what factors will need to be considered and why identity solutions, consumer privacy, and first-party data will need to be at the heart of your contingency plans.

    Allan Tinkler, Privacy and Identity Lead for EMEA - Quantcast
    Catherine Woodward, Senior Digital Marketing Manager - DFS
    Alex Mills, Client Partnerships Director - Quantcast
  20. 2020 was a tough year for a lot of industries but the businesses that thrived were the ones that knew how to spend their marketing budget wisely to increase conversions at the lowest costs.

    Join QueryClick CEO, Chris Liversidge, as he discusses why you should be investing in marketing attribution now if you want to take your business to the next level. In this session, he’ll cover:

    • A brief outline of processes marketers can implement to achieve effective attribution
    • Why Campaign Attribution is the only way forward
    • How attribution can help you understand where to better focus your efforts (and money!)
    • How to ensure you've got the optimal marketing mix
    Chris Liversidge, Founder & CEO - QueryClick
  21. What are the key questions marketers should be considering in order to generate value? And which tools should you be employing to better measure marketing effectiveness? In this session, Vas Kourakis walks us through where best to focus your energy, balance costs and increase scalability.
    Vasileios Kourakis, Global Director Marketing ROI and Media Lead - L'Oreal Consumer Products Division
  22. Return on investment is often the metric of choice when looking to express success or failure, and whilst there are elements of marketing activity that do come down to ROI, marketers shouldn’t focus exclusively on short-term gains. We will be asking our expert panel what the limitations of ROI are, how this might be damaging long-term brand growth, and what you could be doing to more effectively measure marketing’s impact.
    Sorin Patillinet, Global Marketing Insights Director - Mars
    Nikki Vadera, Marketing Director - Henkel
    Ann Constantine, Head of Insight & Marketing Effectiveness - Direct Line Group
  23. You have the dream and now you have an idea of the tools needed to skyrocket your customer experience onto new levels, but do you know what success looks like when organisations leverage a Customer Data Platform? Tealium's VP of Marketing EMEA, Laura McHenry, shines a light on data success stories and shows what organisations can achieve when utilising their greatest asset, Customer Data.
    Laura McHenry, Senior Director Of Marketing EMEA - Tealium
  24. Assertive decisions have the power to grow business by directly influencing consumer choice and behaviour. However, understanding and prioritising actions that can impact consumers the most is difficult as it involves a complexity of marketing factors. This presentation aims to show how a single minded framework can help businesses make more informed decisions based on what customers really value.
    Felipe Pizzardo, Lead consultant of brand preference development - Epiphany RBC
  25. In this session brought to you by Oystercatchers, Matt Atkinson, Co-op Group’s Chief Customer and Membership Officer along with his panel discuss how data, digital and creativity deliver against strong company values and growth goals. How digital membership programmes are game-changing customer engagement. And what successful impact looks like in uncertain times.

    Grant Burke, Client Managing Director - Carat UK
    Matt Atkinson, Chief Customer and Membership Officer - The Co-operative Group
    Alice McGinn, Strategy Director - Lucky Generals
    Suki Thompson, Chair - Oystercatchers
  26. Marketers often don’t have a clear view of how their choices affect revenue and profit. It’s because there are so many moving parts, and the outside world intrudes. In this practical session, economist Dr Grace Kite explains how econometric modelling can resolve these issues and enables a clear comparison of the costs and benefits of different marketing choices.
    Grace Kite, Founder & Managing Director - Magic Numbers
  27. Kicking off the Festival of Marketing's Day 2 theme; Making Decisions, we'll draw on Salesforce Datorama's new Marketing Intelligence report to explain why marketing campaign data is sometimes a double-edged sword - and what brands can do about it.
    Alison Hanrahan, Head of Marketing Performance and Enablement - HSBC
  28. Join us to explore how a new analytical approach can help brands plan for and manage uncertainty as a matter of course, building sustainable responsiveness into everyday operation. Learn how analytics, simulations and multiple-scenario planning can help you to narrow your options, with practical advice on how to make it work for your brand.

    Matt Andrew, Managing Director - Ekimetrics
    James Wheatcroft, VP Marketing and Brand for Northern Europe - Accor
  29. Cutting through the noise is more challenging than ever so how do you position yourself to stand out? In this session we explore how Identity Marketing campaigns helped Deezer crank up the volume on customer acquisition and drive retention in a highly competitive industry.
    François Rychlewski, VP of Sales EMEA - SheerID
    Yoav Banai, VP Customer Engagement - Deezer
  30. Video is no longer an up-and-coming content marketing trend, it’s an essential part of many marketing plans. In this session, find out how Colorcon increased video production from 0 to 20 in their first month with Pitchy to rapidly broaden their marketing reach. 

    We'll discuss how having a faster, easier, more cost effective video creation process in your marketing strategy can take your brand to the next level.

    Jimmy Moe, Video Expert - Pitchy
    Deborah Taylor, Director Global Market Communications - Colorcon
  31. What are the most important social media trends in 2021 for brands and businesses? We surveyed over 11,000 marketers to find out the most effective ways to boost traffic, get leads, and bring new customers in the door. In this session we’ll dive into the most pressing questions facing marketers today, the key trends you should focus on in 2021 and how to put them into action.
    Dominique Elsey, Industry Marketing Strategist - Hootsuite
    Mark Abrami, Senior Value Realisation Consultant - Hootsuite
  32. What’s easiest to measure isn’t always what’s most impactful on our marketing, but how badly can measuring the wrong thing mislead us? Are measures of ‘engagement’, ‘viewability’ or even ‘clicks’ really helping us optimise our marketing? Or when do they lead us down a dark path. Join media effectiveness expert Jerry Daykin as he explores what is and isn’t a meaningful measure of success.
    Jerry Daykin, Senior Media Director - GSK Consumer Healthcare
  33. Mochi ice cream brand Little Moons has had a great start to 2021. After going viral on TikTok, sales in Tesco and Waitrose leapt by over 700%. In this session, marketing director Ross Farquhar will explain how it creates room for the unexpected, and is flexible in use of its resources to capitalise on opportunity when it knocks.
    Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director - Little Moons
  34. The first axiom of brand strategy is diagnosis first, strategy second, according to a recent Marketing Week article by Mark Ritson. The key to realising business objectives for any marketer is to understand the opportunity. Join members of Marketing Week’s Top 100 most effective marketers for this session that will determine how best to gain a better understanding of the customer you are targeting and the market you are operating in. From the tools needed to build a more complete picture of your customer, to the approach needed to understand the market opportunity, the first steps to successful strategy in service of your customer and company will be discussed and explained.  
    Margaret Jobling, Chief Marketing Officer - Natwest
    Jo Pettifer, VP Marketing UK & I - Salesforce
  35. At a time when it’s a challenge getting to the end of the week, planning for the year head is difficult. Join Sara Bennison, one of the UK’s most respected marketers, as she explains why you shouldn’t focus on being ‘perfect’ but instead be prepared to adapt plans and take risks. Is it even time to throw out the marketing plan completely?
    Sara Bennison, CMO - Nationwide
  36. As budgets have been cut and sensitivity in consumer messaging has come to the forefront, many marketers have chosen to move away from strategies that maximise frequency and reach and towards an outcomes-based approach that surfaces relevant advertising to the selected individuals who are most likely to engage with it. In this panel, three agency experts discuss how designing marketing campaigns around key business outcomes can help you engage consumers and drive your bottom line.
    Sebastien Bourne, Head of Biddable - PHD
    Stacey Delaney, Country Manager, UK - Taboola
    Julie Bolsom, Head of Live Planning - Mindshare
    Fou Brown, Global Business Director for + Reebok - MediaCom
  37. More than 9 million people in the UK (one in six) are from an ethnic minority, and 80% of population growth comes from these communities. Yet more than two-thirds say UK media is not relevant enough to them. 

    Brands need to understand that, in this context, mass marketing approaches will fail to reach a large proportion of the UK consumer base if they don't adequately consider cultural nuances. Similarly, any brand looking to reach specific communities must understand them intimately.

    In this content series, comprising a speaking session at the Festival of Marketing and a by-lined thought leadership article, GottaBe! Marketing will provide exclusive insights from its own research into the attitudes and preferences of consumers from ethnic minorities. It will lay out key best practices for marketing strategies that reach them effectively. And it will explain the size of the missed opportunity if brands fail to make their marketing multicultural.

    Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director - GottaBe! Marketing
    Sergei Bulgakov, Marketing Lead - Skrill, Paysafe

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