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Take a look at the 2018 Festival Stages 

With 12 stages covering everything from AI to customer experience, this year’s programme delivered over 250 expert speakers across two action-packed days. The Festival of Marketing is the place to keep up with the latest trends and discover everything you need to keep up with what’s driving change in the industry.

The Headline Stage

This is where the gods of the industry, the disrupters-in-chief and today’s agenda setters inspire you, challenge you and amaze you. They leave your mind racing, ready to immerse yourself in the content of the day with the big questions at the forefront of your mind. The headliners explore what defines our industry today and what we can expect to face on the horizon, both tomorrow and into the future. They make you think twice about the challenges you just can’t overcome and they spur you on to achieve ever greater feats when you return home, re-energized and truly inspired.

New for 2018 - Marketing Week Strategy Stage 

Celebrating its 40th birthday this year, Marketing Week has long been the go-to news source for marketing professionals looking for inspiration, tools and strategies to propel their business forward. In recognition of this, the Festival has launched the Marketing Week Strategy stage, designed to cover the big picture, strategic subject matter that sits above the day to day marketing output. The stream will look at successful strategy development from inception to execution and will provide insights amassed over decades at the heart of industry.

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Marketing Stage

AI & Tech Innovation: Tech-fuelled creative marketing thinking

Immerse yourself in the game-changing tech that is drastically impacting the face of marketing and your day to day job. Speakers will demonstrate how emerging and innovative tech can offer meaningful connections with customers and show true ROI. What are the marketing challenges that can effectively be resolved through new tech and what does the future hold? From intelligent MarTech, connected devices and IoT to AI, AR, VR and wearables, it’s all covered here.

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Brand & Creative: Putting creative excellence at the epicentre of your marketing thinking 

Creative Review and Design Week join forces to shape the two-day content and bring you the very best in creative thinking. The stage welcomes creative leaders and thinkers to discuss innovation in design, how to work better with creative teams and change perceptions through the power of design and creative marketing thinking. New case studies cover brand transformation and designing brand stories. Become a brave marketing leader and place creative excellence at the heart of your brand’s values!

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Content: Breaking through the noise 

What is the role of original, branded and consumer-generated content? What are your brand values and brand voice, do they really matter and if so, how should they shape your content strategy? How does influencer marketing fit into the mix? Join us to explore these questions, as well as the role of social and video across platforms.

Customer Experience: Meeting rising expectations

How can marketers meet rising customer expectations? What is the role of data and insight in your customer-first strategies? How is new tech impacting user experience and customer service? What is role of gamification? And how do we measure all this? Through successful case studies, find out how to build long-term loyalty, and avoid short-term fixes.

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Data & Analytics: Building a data-driven culture

What does a data-driven culture look like in practice? Our speakers will share their own insight into data’s power to transform business. We’ll examine the impact of the GDPR in marketing and comms, as well as how real-time data and predictive analytics are changing consumer interactions. Can marketers achieve a single customer view? This is the stage where you’ll find out.

Digital Transformation: Facing up to the challenge

What is the role of culture and how can you tie down the shifting skillsets and processes needed to drive digital transformation? Speakers will cover often misunderstood ideas such as agility, data-driven marketing and organisational structures. We’ll look at the disruptors and game-changers that are shifting traditional thinking in digital business.



Insight & Marketing Intelligence: Planning effective strategies

Gaining rich and new knowledge of your customer, and understanding behaviour across multiple touchpoints is obviously valuable. But who ‘owns’ insight and how does it help create effective strategies and products? Alongside more traditional approaches, discover how consumer psychology, behavioural economics and neuroscience can help in B2C and B2B environments.

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Personalisation: One-to-one marketing at scale

Is one-to-one marketing at scale realistic? What are the privacy implications of personalised marketing? Find out how to improve loyalty and conversion through personalised marketing? Speakers will also discuss effective personalisation strategies that create long-term brand engagement and add true value.  

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Realising Your Potential 

This stage is designed to motivate, inspire and challenge. Hear from marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, thought leaders who have made positive changes to their careers and personal lives. Get inspired by those who have found meaning through giving something back to society and have overcome personal challenges helping them lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

Social: Engaging customers and new audiences 

The latest on how to engage customers, manage brand perception and tap into new audiences using social media. How should marketers approach changing platforms, evolving formats and the need to prove ROI? From customer service to paid ads, hear from our speakers on what social has done for them.

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Festival of Marketing

9 - 10 October 2019 


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