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Stand: Content, Pod 1
  • | 2019

Validity’s platform enables companies and organisations to understand the quality and integrity of the data they hold about their Customers and Prospects and the impact that it is having on their business performance on multiple levels. Validity’s platform exposes this in a way that provides empirical improvement and remediation strategies together with predictions as to the business benefits they will release from them.

Validity will be hosting an expert panel session at 10.00 a.m. on day one on the Customer Experience Stage:

PANEL: Why great data is the foundation of great customer experiences


  • Join Validity as they host an expert panel discussion, chaired by Data Marketing Strategist Guy Hanson, around the impact that data quality, good or bad, has on every level from sales, pipeline management and customer service through to marketing campaigns
  • Learn how organisations understand the quality and integrity of their data on customers and prospects and the impact it has on their business performance
  • Gain insights into how companies expose the above so it provides empirical improvement and remediation strategies plus predictions of the business benefits

We’d also love to meet you at Pod 1, look out for “What’s your score”. Our team of subject matter experts will be on hand to talk you through the benefits of having good quality CRM data and advise you on how you can uncover the quality of data in your CRM system. 



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