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  • | 2021 June

Experian Marketing Services has helped thousands of brands in the UK understand their own first party data, to find and engage consumers across channels effectively.

For decades brands have been relying on Mosaic, a powerful cross-channel consumer segmentation system built to understand customers' likely characteristics and communicate with them in the most relevant ways.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, understanding the evolving and changing nature of consumers has never been more important but it’s not just brands which Experian is continuing to support through this unprecedented period.

Over the past year our services, including Experian Safeguard, data analytics and unrivalled insights have been harnessed by the likes of charities, local authorities, the NHS and other groups to help communities across the country recover from the pandemic. Experian is at the heart of using data as a force for good, benefitting society in countless ways.


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