Yuri Ou

Yuri Ou

Founder, LinkUp China

Yuri Ou, 10 Years’ Master of PR, Founder of Linkup China Ltd., a premium luxury consultancy that specializes in helping UK firms have a trusted relationship with the Chinese community. They also have experience and expertise in helping UK firms gain exposure in the Chinese market through media, public relations, brand image and integrated marketing strategy and communications.

Yuri Ou was professionally trained in Ogilvy PR, the world's top 10 global advertising, marketing and public relations agency, annual turnover of $256 million. Within the 10-year experience in Digital Transformation, HNW Community, Bespoke Luxury Events, Press Exposure, Celebrities Seeding, Yuri has spent half of the time in China, and another half in the UK. With an entrepreneurial drive and the ability to deconstruct and solve problems, Yuri has proven ability to build strong relationships across stakeholder groups with the ability to effectively influence and communicate across various business lines and units and at senior levels within the organisation. Yuri’s exceptional strength is dedicated to providing solutions to UK companies that are ambitious in the Chinese market, and helping them to build multinational platforms and overcome various challenges and competition. Knowledge, connections and experience extensively cover London, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. 

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