Tomasz Dyl

Tomasz Dyl

Managing Director, GottaBe! Marketing
Tomasz started his business in 2008, at the age of 17, after realising British based businesses needed better support connecting with the BAME audiences. GottaBe! Ethnic is an independent, award winning marketing agency specialising in multicultural marketing. Tomasz and his team have a real passion for helping brands to connect with ethnic communities throughout the UK and Ireland using range of marketing channels from community press, narrowcast TV channels to BAME influencers and other digital platform. To date, GottaBe! has worked with over 100+ brands including the likes of PayPal, Shelter, The Southern Co-operative, Middlesex University, Hampshire Constabulary and Western Union to name a few. When Tomasz is not running GottaBe!, he gives lectures at Solent University in Southampton in marketing and advertising.

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