Justin Bell

Justin Bell

Head of Insights, Research, Planning & Performance, TSB

Justin’s a highly experienced but restlessly curious marketer who has worked both sides of the agency and client-side partnership, both above the line and below, and in B2C and B2B, across Financial Services (TSB, Lloyds, NatWest, and American Express), and across Tech marketing (HP, IBM and Adobe) besides numerous blue chip brands. After learning the ropes in agency roles, he moved client-side, to more strategic roles with specific focus on Marketing Effectiveness (Lloyds), Brand Development, Research & Insights (TSB) and Marketing Analytics (Accenture: O2, BBC & M&S.com).

At TSB he leads a top-notch team of Researchers (Customer/Brand tracking, Qual & Quant), of Insight Analysts and of Marketing Effectiveness managers. His remit therefore ranges from budget shaping, media and campaign planning, to the measurement and evaluation, to customer insights, econometrics, and to social media analytics.

For Justin, everything should stem from the insights first. No goal, strategy or activity should exist without the foundation of a customer truth, nor without a clarity of purpose and absolutely not without essential MI to help evaluate and drive optimisation: Insight being the key to success.

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