Grace Kite

Grace Kite

Founder and MD, Gracious Economics

With 20 years’ experience, Grace has worked on more than 100 market mix modelling projects across all the main advertising buying categories. In each of these categories, she has developed an economist’s view of market trends and the true nature of competition. Her approach is to strive at all times to produce research that’s easy to understand, trust and use.

After earning a PhD in Economics, Grace began her career using analytics to evaluate marketing, taking on increasingly senior roles at Mindshare, Millward Brown, Holmes & Cook, Mediacom, PHD and OMD. In 2010 she founded Gracious Economics.

Grace’s PhD centred on economic progress in India, after which she worked for Save The Children. She’s proud to say that she continues to assist NGOs and government departments, using quantitative research to help make the case for poverty-alleviating interventions.

Her work has led to ten IPA Effectiveness award winners plus a Cannes Grand Prix, and she is a technical judge for the 2020 IPA awards.

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