Gareth Humphreys

Gareth Humphreys

Head of Insight, Strategy, and Innovation, NHS Blood and Transplant

Gareth Humphreys has been working in Insight and Analysis for nearly 15 years, starting out as intelligence analyst with the Metropolitan Police before moving to NHS Blood and Transplant in 2010 as a senior Insight Analyst and becoming Head of Insight Strategy and Innovation in 2017.

Whilst working for the police Gareth specialised in analysing crime using techniques such as link charting to plit criminal networks, using 12 software. He also used the same software to analyse phone records and licensing details.

At NHSBT Gareth analysed the impact of NHSBT’s Blood Donation campaigns and direct marketing activities. He also provided the insight behind the campaigns such as, Missing Type. For missing type he identified a fall large drop in new donors which formed the basis for the campaign.

In his current role Gareth manages the Analysis Team who cover marketing analysis and reporting for Blood Donation, plus the Marketing Research function who have a library of research dating back to 1967 and carry out regular Qual and Quant research with both Blood and Organ donors.

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