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The Stages

This is where the gods of the industry, the disrupters-in-chief and today’s agenda setters inspire you, challenge you and amaze you. They leave your mind racing, ready to immerse yourself in the content of the day with the big questions at the forefront of your mind. The headliners explore what defines our industry today and what we can expect to face on the horizon, both tomorrow and into the future. They make you think twice about the challenges you just can’t overcome and they spur you on to achieve ever greater feats when you return home, re-energized and truly inspired.

[NEW FOR 2017] AI

AI can and will transform the way marketers work. It has the potential to change the industry and the workplace in its entirety. Whether you want to learn about AI for chatbots, sentiment analysis, CRM, content generation and curation or customer service - join us on this exciting new stage to learn how AI will enable marketers to become more productive, actively assisting with strategic and day to day decision making.

Brand & Creative

Discover how to create a visual brand that outlines your brand values, creates scale and how to use narrative to foster appeal. New case studies cover creating products for brands, brand transformation and designing brand stories. Get inspired to drive innovation and creativity using advertising, design and visual culture. 

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Content: Breaking Through the Noise 

Discover how to align your plan with first-rate content, how to break through the noise and why words are not enough. Speakers cover how to use storytelling as strategy; how to approach content generation and curation now; and why structuring your content team to drive authentic and visual storytelling is critical.  

Customer Experience: The Emerging Role of Emotions

Using customer experience as a differentiator, measuring and framing the emotional impact of experience and using technology to create a customer centric culture. Speakers also cover key data and feedback loops, how to create connected journeys and marrying together datasets, tech infrastructures and teams.

Data & Analytics: The New Data Playbook 

Identifying and creatively applying the data resources at your disposal, new trends in artificial intelligence and deep learning that can foster data optimisation and the importance of data storytelling. Speakers highlight the importance of creating a data driven culture and what that looks like in practice; they will share with the audience new case studies on using data to transform business.

Digital Transformation: Driving Change from the Inside Out

Top level strategic advice and insight on digital leadership and frameworks, the role of culture and the shifting skill set and processes needed to drive digital transformation now. Speakers also look at building a digital maturity framework and the disruptive digital forces that are shaping how information is accessed and shared as well as why marketing is at the intersection of customer insight, delivery and engagement.  

Insight: Moving Beyond Market Research to Strategy 

Utilising insight to gain rich and new knowledge of your customer, defining who ‘owns’ insight and understanding the importance of connecting multiple touchpoints, multichannel behaviour and attribution now. Plus, discover how psychology and behavioural insight when married with predictive analytics are key to driving meaningful ROI around insight or your business. 

Multichannel: Touchpoint Optimisation, Platforms and Customer Connectivity 

Consumption of media is fragmenting at a dizzying pace providing opportunities and headaches for marketers looking to reach consumers and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. Meanwhile, ever more demanding customers expect brands to be available across multiple platforms more of the time. The multichannel stage features expert speakers from top brands that will help you navigate this increasingly complex landscape.

[NEW FOR 2017] Programmatic

The programmatic landscape is moving fast, so how exactly can brands keep abreast of new platforms for programmatic display, evolving technology to purchase and place adverts, and the changing roles of agencies? Whether you want to explore new programmatic trends, learn how to improve targeting and personalisation or better capture those micro moments, we have it all covered this year on our new Programmatic Stage.

Realising Your Potential

Who are you? What are you about? Have you found your purpose? This stage is designed to motivate, inspire and challenge you and your status quo. Hear from people who have made positive changes to their careers and attitudes; who have found meaning through giving something back to society, and from those who have overcome personal challenges, both great and small to help make them happier and more successful.

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