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Festival Blog

  • How brands win by creating better human experiences

    07 Oct 2019 Sid McGrath, Chief Strategy Officer, Karmarama
    Customers are damn important. Their experience of a brand is almost more important still. Speak to just about any company in the world and they will recognise the power customer experience has. It can ...
  • Is social media affecting the homes we choose to buy?

    07 Oct 2019 Georgia Hatton, Marketing Manager, Cogent
    It is well established and widely documented that social media has come to have a huge impact on how many of us live, behave and spend. Undoubtedly it has become a powerful influence, allowing us acce ...
  • Welcome to Life 2.0 - how brands can help consumers squeeze the most out of life

    04 Oct 2019 Jon O’Donnell, MD, Commercial, ESI Media
    At this year’s Festival of Marketing, we’ll be launching new research from the Evening Standard. We’re really excited to start this conversation, because it’s a topic we feel very strongly about. We l ...
  • Why Social Video Ads Deliver Better Business Results

    04 Oct 2019 Aaron Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer, 4CInsights
    We live in an era of ubiquitous video. Moving images are everywhere. They’re streaming on our televisions, our phones, our computers, and even our refrigerators. We can watch a show on one device and ...
  • Interview with Jenni Romaniuk

    03 Oct 2019 Georgina Scobie
    Jenni Romaniuk is a Research Professor of Marketing and Associate Director (International) at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute - the world’s largest centre for research into marketing. Hi Jenni, thanks fo ...
  • Three ways forward-thinking marketers can improve the customer experience

    02 Oct 2019 Eric Fullerton, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Acquia
    Eric Fullerton, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Acquia, offers three strategies that marketers can use to improve their organization’s customer experience (CX).
  • Maturing from Social Listening to Digital Consumer Intelligence

    01 Oct 2019 Phillip Agnew, Product Marketing, Brandwatch
    Consumers today have the power to buy from any brand in the world, and their options are endless. Information is readily available for them to use to decide which brands they will support, boycott, or ...
  • The Power Of B2B Branded Content

    27 Sep 2019 Jack Dyson, Global Head of Content Strategy, SAP Customer Experience
    All content is designed to persuade. Authors want you to love their storytelling, comedians want to make you laugh, movie makers want to transport you (and make you come back for the sequel). It’s the ...
  • Personalisation at Scale - Sound’s Perfect!

    26 Sep 2019 Sam Crowther, Executive Creative Director - A Million Ads
    Your attention is precious. Your brain processes around 40,000,000 pieces of information a second but only 40 - so 1 millionth of the total - are conscious. Your brain is a subconscious supercomputer ...
  • The people behind the changing face of tech

    25 Sep 2019 Rachel Johnson, British Interactive Media Association
    Our industry is built on change. It’s at the heart of the Festival of Marketing, where “ambitious marketers can discover, learn… and shape the future together”. But what does that change look like in ...
  • Three surprising but true realities about personalisation

    25 Sep 2019 Eric Fullerton, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Acquia
    Marketing professionals talk about personalization. A lot. And, that’s for good reason – since delivering tailored digital experiences based on customer insights can increase engagement, conversion, a ...
  • Why Influencer Marketing is more effective than traditional advertising

    25 Sep 2019 Kelsey Formost, Director of Content Strategy, Tagger Media
    Although advertising and marketing have the same goal of getting an audience to buy a product or service, there’s a surprisingly large discrepancy in the success rate of online advertising versus infl ...
  • Inside Out: The Importance Of Emotion To the Customer Experience

    24 Sep 2019 Nicholas Cumins, General Manager, SAP Marketing Cloud
    Most people believe the decisions they make are based on a rational assessment of needs and available options.  In reality, emotions play a larger role than humans like to admit.  According to Harvard ...
  • Tom Rowley is the editor of Holland & Barrett’s Healthy for Men magazine published by The River Group. He oversees all print and digital content for the brand and offers men the tools they need to liv ...
  • Is your packaging Insta-worthy?

    19 Sep 2019 Alethea Price, Marketing Executive at Burgopak
    We are all familiar with the demands and interests of generation Z, the visually driven, emotionally empowered and experience seeking consumer. We may even find ourselves following suit, tuning into t ...
  • The Content Marketing Association (CMA) recently asked their members what content they would like to see more of. One of the post popular suggestions was Social Media, this saw the birth of the Social ...
  • Interview with Jonny Combe

    16 Sep 2019 Charlotte Reynard
    Jonny is the UK CEO of the global mobile parking payment provider PayByPhone. In November 2018, he was brought in from BMW Group, where he spent 13 years, to lead PayByPhone through a phase of rapid e ...
  • The Personalisation Stage: what, who, where?

    13 Sep 2019 Charlotte Reynard
    This year at Festival of Marketing we’re trying to answer the question, What’s Next? Included in our 12 stages, the Personalisation Stage will try to answer this by welcoming brands who are shaping th ...
  • 5 Proven Ways to Maximise Your Influencer Marketing Budget

    12 Sep 2019 Hannah Monds, Managing Director | EMEA
    As with any other marketing project, influencer campaigns have the capacity to go over budget. Even the best-run influencer campaigns can hit costly snags- influencers are human beings, after all, and ...
  • Interview with Tanya Joseph

    11 Sep 2019 Liza Koromila
    Former Marketer of the Year and architect of the award-winning This Girl Can campaign, Tanya Joseph is the Director of Campaigns and Public Policy at Nationwide Building Society. Tanya is a regular Ma ...
  • Innovation through Collaboration

    10 Sep 2019 Kate Simpson – Marketing Director – Business Design Centre and AEV Marketing & Communications Working Group Chair
    With a fiercely competitive industry that is constantly demanding the next best thing, the most engaging experience, increased sponsorship and footfall amongst other things, how do events industry mar ...
  • How is AI capable of empowering a data-driven content strategy?

    10 Sep 2019 Dr Tom Wilson, CTO at CONCURED
    The most successful content marketers stay on their toes. They understand that trends shift, consumers change, and tried-and-tested techniques become old-and-tired before you know it. In order to bett ...
  • Field marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your customers. Face-to-face events give you a unique opportunity to share the latest updates, learn about your clients’ needs and strengthen th ...
  • It’s great to see so many organisations now understanding, and embracing, the importance of their brand and the fact that it’s their most valuable asset. They’re investing more in strategy and design ...

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