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05 Mar 2020

Interview with JustGiving's Danny Denhard

Danny Denhard, Director of Growth and Director of Crowdfunding, JustGiving
Interview with JustGiving's Danny Denhard

We'll be welcoming Danny Denhard to speak at the Festival later this year. We caught up with Danny for a sneak peek of what his session will entail. 

First off, please could you tell us a bit about who you are and what you do at JustGiving?

My name is Danny Denhard, I currently have a dual role at Justgiving, I am the Director of Growth and Director of Crowdfunding. With Growth my team bring the worlds of Marketing, Product, UX, UI, Design, tech, Data Science and sales together and look for opportunities with our community and our charity partners and improve our consumers' experience, meanwhile improving our core product for long term success. This type of growth brings the best of all the internal talents together and creates a whole new way to think and address complex problems.

With the other part of my role, I work with a small talented team enabling millions of people to raise money via our Crowdfunding business. Our Crowdfunding product allows people to raise money for any great cause and the money goes directly to their cause, whether that is a friend, a family member, your local community or someone in need. 


We’d love to hear a little insight into what your session will entail at the Festival of Marketing…

As businesses are changing, marketing evolves, Marketing Departments have never been as big or under this level of pressure to deliver and with less influence than ever before.

My session is to show the quick history of marketing, the current state of play and offer two paths of where it looks like we are going,

  1. Less influence, less budget, less marketing or
  2. Most importantly; to inspire marketers to collaborate, inspire from the front to take back influence and control. Most importantly remembering to build actual campaigns by thinking and acting creatively across multiple channels (not just paid channels) and enabling the c-suite to trust and promote marketing across the organisation. 


Our theme this year looks at putting marketing back at the forefront of leading businesses through change, what’s one of the most disruptive shifts that you have felt in your industry?

Although it has not influenced as many organisations as it could, Growth and Innovation teams being led by experienced Marketers and collaborating across different departments to offer great products and features.

Enabling a dedicated team or department to really focus on consumer needs and problems your community is facing is driving product improvements at a record rate and ensuring the best possible product and choice in the market.

Disruptive thinking isn’t just from startups, it is coming from upstarts and existing businesses and with marketing leading this shift we can ask have we made this as successful as possible? And what other department could collaborate with us to make this enhancement improve our users day or experience.


How does JustGiving manage fast-changing consumer attitudes and behaviours? Is this as present in your industry?

Consumers want the best product at the right price at the right time, this is not new however the unparalleled amount of choice is. 

Mobile is the primary device for the majority of us, consumers have shifted to “mobile tasks”, have a question - gain the answer quickly or need something done, quickly do this via your mobile device.

We can also be creative in a tap of a button with photos, text or videos, as a consumer, you expect your filters and creativity to enhance you as the protagonist of the story and show your journey from first thought to last action. Consumers demand ease of use and a frictionless experience with any product and we are looking to offer the best possible experience for consumers and their community to donate as seamlessly as possible while being part of their friend’s journey. 


What challenges do you think lie ahead for B2C companies?

Managing and beating expectations: Serving consumers with a relevant personalised service that will compete with prime expectations (Amazon have really set the bar for almost every vertical). 

Relevancy: Staying relevant to your customers is going to get harder, the best service might not be good enough to convince repeat usage and retaining your service 

Subscriptions: We are moving to a world where services are becoming subscriptions and we now have the opportunity to support the people, the product and companies that offer the best value exchange, this will be an opportunity or issue with many firms. 

Cutting through the noise: With the ease of creating a product and going to market, right now there is an issue cutting through the noise and gaining traction away from competing with much larger brands with paid marketing.  

Competition: Lastly, not to be disrupted by a tech player or one of the largest players in Google, Facebook, Amazon or Apple. Competition is going to heat up and it’s likely going to be a large brand that will come into your market and disrupt with low to no fees. 


What development or innovation are you most excited about from the next decade?

In the near term, it would be what we can do with the mobile technology we have in our hands with low to no costs, we are seeing apps enhancing peoples lives like never before. 

The AR movement where filters add extra dimensions to marketing campaigns, to products and to people, it enables thousands of potentially positive changes and allows people to be who they want to be, when they want to be. 

The low-code to no-code development is exciting as there will a lot less need and time to build complicated websites, apps and campaigns, it will take time to be commercially viable however it will enable the opportunity for businesses and Product and Marketing teams.  

In the long term, the promise of seamless connectivity and low-cost connectivity will enable huge change, AR will continue to grow and not being tied to a mobile device will reduce a lot of friction from our day-to-day.

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