Festival Blog

Festival Blog

  • This year the Festival of Marketing looks to embrace anything and everything that we don’t have answers for. This is an opportunity to unlock the inherent curiosity which resides in all of us and to a ...
  • Interview with Albert Abello Lozano: Treatwell

    23 May 2019 Albert Abello Lozano interviewed by Katherine Fiona Jones
    If you remember our ‘What’s Next’ Blog series, you’ll remember that we highlighted automation and its importance to creating seamless campaigns. Albert Abello Lozano of Treatwell joins the Festival of ...
  • The latest, the greatest and the must attends of FoM19

    21 May 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    We’re less than 5 months away from the big day at Tobacco Dock and boy is our line-up looking sweeter by the day. Have you caught up on the latest? If not, check out who we’ve highlighted as our must- ...
  • The future is a heady subject and advancements in technology affect every second of our personal and professional life. Technology is impacting and drastically changing the way we communicate. It’s no ...
  • We are very excited for Shell’s Global Head of Downstream Marketing Communications, Carolyn McKeever, to join the Festival of Marketing’s Creative Brand Thinking Stage on 11 October. Carolyn is respon ...
  • Branding Part 2 - Creativity

    08 May 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    In an age where anyone can set up shop for low costs, how can you stand out from the crowd without alienating your customer base? The key is to get creative and we’re about to lay down some ground rul ...
  • Top 5 tips to improve your copywriting

    02 May 2019 Robert Humble
    If you’re like me, you’ll find copywriting a difficult task. There’s been countless times when I’ve found myself short of inspiration and looking at what had been done already. Then cutting and pastin ...
  • Branding Part 1 - Trust

    30 Apr 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    Branding has become so many things over the evolution of its lifespan as a terminology, from a simple logo, jingle and strapline, it has now mutated and grown into a multifaceted beast that solely rel ...
  • Human Centricity Vs. Product Centricity

    24 Apr 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    What comes out on top? Product or person? In this week’s blog we put the two against one another to find out which strategy focus you should be adopting in today’s changing market.
  • What consumers really think about influencer marketing

    18 Apr 2019 Dale Barnett, Blog Manager, Influencer Intelligence
    Our sister service, Influencer Intelligence, has launched a brand-new investigative report What Consumers Think About Influencer Marketing. Following on from the findings of the Influencer Marketing 2 ...
  • Agenda at a glance - not to be missed!

    16 Apr 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    Every year Festival of Marketing works tirelessly to bring you the most current and relevant content. We want you to enjoy, learn and discover as much as possible, which is why we take absolute pride ...
  • New Year, New Me, New Stages

    09 Apr 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    New year, new me, new stages. That’s right! Even more places for you to learn and spruce up your knowledge on the vast, winding and intricate ecosystem that is ‘marketing’. We are no strangers to a li ...
  • Unapologetic, unstoppable and inherently empowering. Rose McGowan has never been your typical Hollywood actor. This year, Festival of Marketing welcomes her to our Headline Stage to speak on the #MeTo ...
  • Giles Lury's Inspiring Innovation

    04 Apr 2019 Giles Lury
    IN SEARCH OF INSPIRATION Death, taxes and change are the only constants in the modern world, which means now more than ever the pressure is on to innovate. As a brand consultant and storyteller, I wan ...
  • Top 5 marketing tips to inspire innovation

    29 Mar 2019 Robert Humble
    As many marketers know - when your to-do list doubles in size, the pressure to produce new ideas and exciting means of engaging your audience, does exactly the same. It seems unfair, and at times even ...
  • What's Next Part 4: Key Trends 2019

    26 Mar 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    The year is fast passing us by, can you believe it’s April already? Spring has sprung, but have you taken the time to consider the key marketing trends for 2019? Better yet, are you integrating their ...
  • Rose McGowan headlines Festival of Marketing 2019

    21 Mar 2019 Festival of Marketing team
    What's next for gender equality? How has the conversation progressed since the birth of the #MeToo movement and what role does #MenToo play in the solution? How can feeling empowered, beyond gender bo ...
  • What's Next: Part 3 - Agility and Flexibility

    19 Mar 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    In an ever-changing market, maintaining momentum and stamina to see projects through from beginning to end is one of the biggest challenges that marketers are facing today. How can you optimise your t ...
  • What's next: Part 2 - Investing in your learning

    12 Mar 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    What does a millionaire, a small business owner and a cow all have in common? 24 hours a day. Despite circumstance or species, we all have the same amount of time to spend in our everyday lives, so ho ...
  • Festival of Marketing 2019: What’s Next? - Part 1

    01 Mar 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    After a whirlwind year that brought us new tech, algorithm changes, social media platform mergers and innovative ways to interact and understand information, we ask ourselves; what’s next for the mark ...
  • There is big value in being small; a concept that Livia’s have embraced. Livia’s is greater than a company bound to the parameters and small ideas of a conventional start-up. Our innovation has moved ...
  • FMCG disruptors are often not from the industry so don’t adhere to the norms

    11 Apr 2019 Chris Green, Co-Founder, Young Foodies
    In the consumer-packaged goods space, the conglomerates are not enjoying the same monopolies of yesteryear; it’s the small brand that is driving growth and differentiation on shelf. For me, it really ...
  • Even if many employers still haven’t fully appreciated it, people are the difference between business success and failure. For too long, leaders have taken their workers for granted and focused on pro ...
  • Creating an uncontested market through content

    05 Nov 2018 Simon Swan Digital Strategy, Met Office
    The Met Office is the UK’s national weather service. It is an executive agency and a trading fund of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.  The purpose of the Met Office is to wo ...

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