Festival Blog 2018

Festival Blog 2018

  • MIQ @ Festival of Marketing 2018: All you need to know

    MiQ is thrilled to be joining the 2018 Festival of Marketing with some thought provoking and inspiring content centred around the need for Marketing Intelligence.
  • There’s Much to Learn About Your One-Time Customers

    03 Oct 2018 Omer Liss, Research Lab Leader at Optimove
    Whether it’s their favourite shopping day, preferred product or chosen spending amount, there’s a lot of data out there that will help you to entice them into that desirable second transaction.
  • Defining Churn: It’s not a matter of 'if', but 'when'.

    28 Sep 2018 Yohai Sabag, Chief Data Scientist at Optimove
    All relationships have their own interaction frequency. Some are intense – we meet weekly, or even speak daily. Other relationships may be just as long-standing and loyal, but with a much lower intera ...
  • How Vodafone enlisted a bot to help customer experience

    26 Sep 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Who is TOBi? And how can he help you?
  • Personalisation - How to respect customers who expect conflicting ideals.

    24 Sep 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    The problem marketers are facing in 2018 is that customers, clients and audiences’ expectations conflict one another. Privacy and recommendation are polarising obstacles, to be sure.
  • After years of preparation and debate the GDPR finally came into force on 25 May 2018. The new policy standardises data protection law across all 28 EU countries and imposes strict new rules on contro ...
  • Interview with Patrick Aryee

    14 Sep 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    We managed to pin down Patrick Aryee for chat on his fantastic and meandering career path that has lead him down a path rich of experiences. "...be bold, be business-minded, but of course don’t forget ...
  • Guest Blog from BIMA: The Challenge of Sophisticated AI Pt.3

    12 Sep 2018 Lee Allen of TH_NK edt. Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    In his third and final post on the current and future state of AI, Lee Allen of Th_nk and member of the BIMA AI Council explores the brittleness that underpins today’s AI and explores what it will tak ...

    10 Sep 2018 Dr. Shaun Davis and Andrew Kinder
    Today is a very important day. It's World Suicide Prevention Day and seeing as we are kicking off the Festival on World Mental Health day with a panel discussing the themes surrounding the stigma, we ...
  • MRS Partnership : Tonight is the night, when two become one

    07 Sep 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive

    A partnership that is demonstrating mutual respect for insights, growth and innovative marketing.

  • Honey, I brought the kids!

    06 Sep 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones

    At Festival of Marketing 2017, Festival Director Chris Chapman realised that there was something more we could do for the entrepreneurs and freelancers attending…

  • Guy Hanson of Return Path Talks GDPR: Interview

    31 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    As e-mail marketing continues to move from strength to strength, it's proving dominance as a relevant and effective marketing tool. We spoke with Guy Hanson from Return Path, one of our partners for F ...
  • Measuring The Value Of Branded Content Is Critical

    29 Aug 2018 BCMA, edt. Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    As a medium, branded content has been receiving a lot of attention over the last few years, largely in response to the new ways that people can consume content. This, in turn, has fuelled its rise as ...
  • What we learnt from GMA's latest article on Sexism in Advertising

    23 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Upon reading the article from our sponsors GMA on the future of Sexist Stereotyping in Advertising, this is what we found out.
  • New Headliners Announced

    20 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Mental health is something we don’t talk about enough despite progress over recent years. This is something that we want to change. To mark World Mental Health day at this year’s Festival, we have tea ...
  • An FMCG guide to Festival

    22 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Let’s get down to it – as an FMCG focused marketer, you’ll be needing to make those sales count, drive engagement and convert those flicking through your catalogues, be they digital or print, into goo ...
  • Interview with This Girl Can's Kate Dale

    24 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Empowering those who find it hard to hit the gym, take to the road or maintain a healthy lifestyle is difficult for a myriad of reasons. We interviewed Kate Dale to see how she manages to juggle it su ...
  • Meet The Team: Harry Clark

    13 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    There are so many factors at play when we are pulling together such a big event, so many moving parts and things to consider. Our partners are so important to us, as are our delegates and speakers. Ba ...
  • Interview with Heineken

    15 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    With a diverse portfolio to work with, restrictions and limitations to navigate as well as big expectations to fulfil, we couldn't resist tapping into the mind of the woman spinning all these very imp ...
  • Guest Blog from BIMA: Artificial Intelligence - From Hype to Opportunity Pt.1

    09 Aug 2018 Rachel Johnson, Marketing Manager at BIMA
    AI won’t take all our jobs. But it is the next step in the natural evolution of our technical ambition. 
  • Meet The Team : Katherine Fiona Jones

    06 Aug 2018 Alexia Clare, Marketing Executive
    Our newest marketing team member has only joined us two months ago but it feels like she’s been here for years. Meet Katherine Jones Marketing Executive, the pen behind the blog. On top of being a bre ...
  • Speaker Interview with Wings

    17 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Taking the leap to develop your own successful lab-based business isn't only courageous - it's applaudable. Today on the blog we're joined by entrepreneur and creative leadership guru Gabriela Lungu. ...
  • Sifting through the stats with Digital Doughnut

    02 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    11 easy steps to help you become a lead generation mastermind. 
  • Digital Transformation : What To Expect

    01 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Great for those who...  Want to develop new insights into new digital tools and learn how to use them. Are up to the challenge of developing new approaches to marketing across the board The metamorpho ...

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