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  • Blog provided by Festival of Marketing partner DAN Global.  The first mention of creativity often reminds people of the design. However, creativity is not limited to design only-for creativity is also ...
  • Creating engaging b2b content is one of the issues that the CMA is going to tackle at the B2B Content Breakfast on 28th August. In b2b circles, there are so many issues, from creating effective strate ...
  • Why you should consider micro-influencers for your next campaign

    31 Jul 2019 Dave Dickman, CEO, Tagger Media
    A supermodel shares an Instagram photo taken in her glamorous bathroom, holding hair-growth gummies. An NFL star tweets an emoji-studded message about his sports drink of choice during pre-game warm-u ...
  • This year the Festival of Marketing looks to embrace anything and everything that we don’t have answers for. This is an opportunity to unlock the inherent curiosity which resides in all of us and to a ...
  • What consumers really think about influencer marketing

    18 Apr 2019 Dale Barnett, Blog Manager, Influencer Intelligence
    Our sister service, Influencer Intelligence, has launched a brand-new investigative report What Consumers Think About Influencer Marketing. Following on from the findings of the Influencer Marketing 2 ...
  • What's Next Part 4: Key Trends 2019

    26 Mar 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    The year is fast passing us by, can you believe it’s April already? Spring has sprung, but have you taken the time to consider the key marketing trends for 2019? Better yet, are you integrating their ...
  • What's Next: Part 3 - Agility and Flexibility

    19 Mar 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    In an ever-changing market, maintaining momentum and stamina to see projects through from beginning to end is one of the biggest challenges that marketers are facing today. How can you optimise your t ...
  • What's next: Part 2 - Investing in your learning

    12 Mar 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    What does a millionaire, a small business owner and a cow all have in common? 24 hours a day. Despite circumstance or species, we all have the same amount of time to spend in our everyday lives, so ho ...
  • Even if many employers still haven’t fully appreciated it, people are the difference between business success and failure. For too long, leaders have taken their workers for granted and focused on pro ...
  • What did you miss at #FoM18?

    19 Oct 2018 Abbi Modaberi, Group Marketing Manager, Festival of Marketing
    Festival of Marketing took place last week and what a couple of days we had! Our 12 stages were overflowing with inspiration, ideas and insights. Although impossible to bring you a full report on ever ...
  • The Festival of Marketing is a unique experience where ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together.
  • This year's Festival of Marketing, which saw speakers from Lord Sugar to Monica Lewinsky, provided insight on marketing's biggest issues.
  • What To Expect : Realising Your Potential

    20 Jul 2018 Katherine Jones, Marketing Executive
    Want to create more opportunities in their personal career Want to overcome personal challenges and lead more fulfilling lives The Realising Your Potential Stage is back and better than ever, with a v ...
  • We checked in with the Channel 4 marketing team to hear what winning a Marketing Week Masters award meant to them:

    Winners of the 2017 Diversity category.

  • Why Chelsea Apps Factory Blindfolded their audience at the Festival of Marketing

    07 Nov 2018 Toby Barrow, Sales Director at Chelsea Apps Factory
    Sense and Sensibility In recent years there has been a relentless focus on the visual aspects of smartphone development. Think the obsession with ever-improving screen quality, camera resolution, bigg ...
  • What an incredible day one!

    10 Oct 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    What an incredible opening day we have had at #FoM18 – we are over the moon to have had such a brilliant and effervescent buzz throughout the day. If you aren’t on there already, the blow-by-blow acco ...
  • What we learnt from GMA's latest article on Sexism in Advertising

    23 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Upon reading the article from our sponsors GMA on the future of Sexist Stereotyping in Advertising, this is what we found out.
  • Women in Advertising - getting nowhere fast?

    25 Jul 2018 Megan Boyle, Marketing Executive at MRS | Edt. Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive at FOM
    “Humans are complex and for communication to be truly relatable, we need to move away from tired pen portraits and embark on newer, fresher projects”   One of the topics on the agenda at this year’s F ...

Festival of Marketing

10 - 11 October 2019 


The Festival of Marketing and Marketing Week Masters are Xeim events. Xeim helps our clients achieve Excellence in marketing. We do this by providing all the insight, advice and connections that marketing professionals need to stand apart from their peers.


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