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  • How New Technology Impacts the Future of Shopping

    23 Aug 2019 Brecht Beertens, SAP
    Shopping changes along with our society. When norms and values change, so do the needs of our customers. But what will change? What will the future of shopping look like? Nobody knows exactly. However ...
  • How hybrid teams are driving innovation

    08 Aug 2019 Charlotte Rogers
    Brands are increasingly thinking outside the box with fresh ideas to bring teams together, but will a new focus on cross-functional innovation within these teams lead to a better response to consumer ...
  • How do you market the unmarketable?

    27 Jun 2019 Charlotte Reynard, Content Producer, Festival of Marketing
    What happens when you can’t market a product via the usual channels? How do you compete in the market when facing being banned? This is just a taster of what LELO, Essity and Thedrug.store come up aga ...
  • Human Centricity Vs. Product Centricity

    24 Apr 2019 Katherine Fiona Jones
    What comes out on top? Product or person? In this week’s blog we put the two against one another to find out which strategy focus you should be adopting in today’s changing market.
  • Honey, I brought the kids!

    06 Sep 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones

    At Festival of Marketing 2017, Festival Director Chris Chapman realised that there was something more we could do for the entrepreneurs and freelancers attending…

  • Headliner Announcement: Sir Martin Sorrell returns to Festival of Marketing for 2018

    08 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Turning it around can be daunting for any organisation of any size but being flexible and responsive to change is essential to maintaining ones’ agility and stamina within the marketing world.
  • Headliner Carolyn McCall DBE announced for 2018

    27 Jun 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Most of us can agree, that the path to success never did run smoothly, especially when that path is filled with hurdles, sharp turns and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Being an ambitious woman in ...
  • Headline Stage : What to Expect

    08 Jun 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Festival of Marketing
    Best for those who Need inspiration, focus and direction Want to listen to leaders in the field share their opinions and experiences Are ready to take a step outside the box in order to learn fresh pe ...
  • How much is age discrimination costing your brand?

    13 Nov 2018 Georgia Scobie, Senior Content Producer, Festival of Marketing
    A month has passed since Festival of Marketing 2018 and there’s still one subject that continues to puzzle me, the failure of brands to recognise value in the over-50s market.  This demographic contri ...
  • Honda, the automaker, is marrying data with a range of new technology to reach European consumers in ways that are relevant rather than personal. “What we’ve tried to do at Honda is bring the brand to ...
  • How Vodafone enlisted a bot to help customer experience

    26 Sep 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Who is TOBi? And how can he help you?

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10 - 11 October 2019 


The Festival of Marketing and Marketing Week Masters are Xeim events. Xeim helps our clients achieve Excellence in marketing. We do this by providing all the insight, advice and connections that marketing professionals need to stand apart from their peers.


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