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  • Guest Blog from BIMA: The Challenge of Sophisticated AI Pt.3

    12 Sep 2018 Lee Allen of TH_NK edt. Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    In his third and final post on the current and future state of AI, Lee Allen of Th_nk and member of the BIMA AI Council explores the brittleness that underpins today’s AI and explores what it will tak ...
  • Guy Hanson of Return Path Talks GDPR: Interview

    31 Aug 2018 Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    As e-mail marketing continues to move from strength to strength, it's proving dominance as a relevant and effective marketing tool. We spoke with Guy Hanson from Return Path, one of our partners for F ...
  • Guest Blog from BIMA: Judgement Call – the Real Role of AI Pt.2

    21 Aug 2018 Lee Allen of TH_NK edt. Katherine Fiona Jones Marketing Executive
    Lee Allen of TH_NK and member of the BIMA AI Council, focuses on the true value of AI: its ability to help us make better judgement calls based on its better predictions.
  • Guest Blog from BIMA: Artificial Intelligence - From Hype to Opportunity Pt.1

    09 Aug 2018 Rachel Johnson, Marketing Manager at BIMA
    AI won’t take all our jobs. But it is the next step in the natural evolution of our technical ambition. 
  • GMA on Audience Digital Trust after GDPR

    03 Aug 2018 Ardi Kolah, GMA. Edt. Katherine Fiona Jones, Marketing Executive
    Today's blog has been taken over by GMA Author, Ardi Kolah. Read on to find out some of the most sought after insights into how GDPR has effected brand authenticity, targeted advertising and audiences ...
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