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04 Oct 2019

Welcome to Life 2.0 - how brands can help consumers squeeze the most out of life

Jon O’Donnell, MD, Commercial, ESI Media

At this year’s Festival of Marketing, we’ll be launching new research from the Evening Standard. We’re really excited to start this conversation, because it’s a topic we feel very strongly about.

We live in a time when living a fuller, more enriched life, or Life 2.0 as we call it, has never been more important, for both our physical wellbeing and our mental health. The world is volatile and we are working longer, and some would argue harder than ever before. It’s very easy to slip into a cycle of mere existence. Sleep, eat, commute, work, reverse, repeat. I’m sure we all know those who fit into that cycle and I’m fairly sure we’ve all slipped into it ourselves on more than one occasion.

But there is another way.

There is a movement happening, with people who would much rather live life than simply exist. Those who take every opportunity that is thrown their way. These are the optimistic optimisers who squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of their day. We’ve built on our previous work identifying the cultural shift in consumers judging success on their life experience over material gain to look at this new consumer behaviour. Called Optimisers, we have investigated how this tribe use the resources available to them – media, tech, products and services – to improve, enhance and customise their experiences, and to buy back their time.

We speak directly to Optimisers every day, as the majority of our audiences behave this way, and we’ll be using the session to show how brands can play a key part in helping consumers live life to the fullest, achieving a more balanced and enriched life. We’ll show why the Optimisers are a tribe marketers need to take notice of and why you should consider becoming an Optimiser too (if you aren’t one already!).

This optimising behaviour has been steadily growing in prominence and we know Londoners are leading the way. We also know from our previous insight that consumers are more likely to be relaxed and thinking about making the most of their free time in the evening. That means they are more likely to demonstrate optimising behaviour on the way home from work – a key time of day for the Evening Standard. Plus, they are highly valuable and are very open to advertising and engagement with brands


Look forward to seeing you next Thursday at our session to welcome you into Life 2.0.  

Jon joined the Evening Standard as a key part of the exciting team that took the newspaper free and saw the business evolve into ESI Media following the acquisition of The Independent brands, and the launch of London Live. Most recently Jon, as Managing Director of ESI Commercial, oversaw the transformation of The Independent into a digital only product where it is now the UK’s fastest growing quality news website and largest pure play news site in the UK. Jon also oversees the newly launched events business ESI Live, providing an experiential distribution channel for clients. In his spare time Jon can be found doing Ironman triathlons…whilst the body permits.

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