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15 Mar 2021

Taboola Launches Taboola High Impact, A New Brand Awareness Solution for Agencies And Brand Advertisers

Taboola Launches Taboola High Impact, A New Brand Awareness Solution  for Agencies And Brand Advertisers

Taboola, a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, helping people discover things they may like, today announced the launch of Taboola High Impact, a new advertising solution developed for brand marketers and agencies to help drive brand awareness.

According to industry data, in today’s fragmented ecosystem and battle for attention, brands are prioritising brand awareness campaigns, with 70% further prioritising news websites as their most important channel for achieving awareness.

After building a successful business of supporting performance marketers, Taboola’s new High Impact offering is specifically designed to support brand awareness campaigns. With it, advertisers can effectively reach over 500 million daily active users across the world’s top publishers. It includes:

  1. Ad format innovation in placements of high impact: Ads will only run on homepages, mid-article placements, and the very top of Taboola Feed. Formats include video ads, rich media ads, and social media-like Carousel and Story ad formats.
  2. Adjacency and Control: Ads will be surrounded only by safe and premium editorial content and no other ads. These controls are supported through integrations with IAS, Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, and other partnerships to provide transparency and safety.
  3. Exclusive real time readership data, up until now was only available to editorial teams: For the first time, agencies and brands who buy Taboola High Impact will get access to readership data based on 500 million daily active users, to inform their content strategy, to learn more about consumer interest, and to be prepared for a cookieless future where context matters even more.

For publishers, Taboola High Impact unlocks a host of new benefits, including new revenue opportunities. This includes greater access to a new slate of premium, brand awareness-focused advertisers, allowing publishers to diversify their revenue streams with both brand awareness and performance advertising dollars. In addition, Taboola High Impact leverages innovative and captivating formats that offer publishers new ways to engage readers and improve the user experience.

“Taboola High Impact has allowed us to diversify our brand awareness by reaching new audiences, but also by ensuring our channel mix works smarter by appearing at various touchpoints throughout the customer journey,” said Kelly Boness, Digital Acquisition Manager, Lily's Kitchen.

“We spent the last decade building an incredible performance business, and over the last two years, working with our closest brand and agency partners, we’ve listened and learned about the need to create a whole new brand awareness package which is safe, visible, impactful and fueled with data,” said Adam Singolda, Founder & CEO at Taboola. “People spend 25% of their time in the open web, similar to what they do in social networks, or searching--the opportunity to re-invent the open web, and drive growth to agencies, brands and journalism is massive.”

For more information about Taboola High Impact and what solutions are available for you today, please visit Taboola’s website and reach out to your local Taboola representative.


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