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09 Feb 2021

Taboola drives large 50% increase in return on ad spend for OTTY, verified by QueryClick


Taboola, a global leader in powering recommendations for the open web, helping people discover things they may like, today announced a successful advertising campaign with box mattress company OTTY, dramatically increasing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by more than 50% when compared to last click. This outcome according to analysis by digital marketing agency QueryClick using their new SAAS platform Corvidae’s new attribution engine powered by proprietary advances in Deep Learning systems.

OTTY is a UK-based box mattress company that aims to provide comfort, support and temperature control, allowing customers to sleep fresh every night. With the help of Taboola, OTTY has been able to sell more effectively, which has opened new opportunities for the brand, specifically to drive quality traffic with a high propensity for conversion to sales. 

QueryClick performed their targeted analysis of this campaign from 7th September to 20th November 2020. The impressive results include a prospecting mobile campaign that QueryClick’s Corvidae platform shows to be driving three times the ROAS for the mattress company compared to previous campaigns. The huge success of the campaign is part of a long-term partnership between OTTY and Taboola, which has previously seen a 138% increase in ad spend month-on-month and ten times greater conversions on retargeting campaigns.

Andrew Jacobs, Digital Marketing Manager, OTTY, said: “We have seen excellent results throughout our partnership with Taboola and it’s great to see these repeated in our latest campaign through QueryClick. The sponsored content campaign for instance has worked exceptionally well at encouraging users to shift from viewing our information to purchasing our products. In the current environment it’s vital we invest in strategies that drive tangible results and the latest analytics from QueryClick has proven Taboola is the ideal partner to achieve this.”

Chris Liversidge, CEO and Founder, QueryClick, said: “Our attributed analysis of the native campaign by OTTY has uncovered impressive figures from Taboola’s solutions, highlighting the significant value the company brings to brands in these tough times. Our Corvidae tool has allowed OTTY to identify the most impactful spend, which is essential in these times where tight budgets are the norm for businesses everywhere.”

OTTY, supported by its partnerships with Taboola and Queryclick, is now aiming to boost its CPA goals, adapting CPA targets for various audiences and campaigns.


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