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04 Mar 2021

OneTrust PreferenceChoice Launches Product to Optimize Consent Rates

OneTrust PreferenceChoice Launches Product to Optimize Consent Rates
OneTrust PreferenceChoice Launches Product to Optimize Consent Rates

OneTrust PreferenceChoice Launches Consent Rate Optimization to Optimize Consent Rates & Personalize User Experiences

OneTrust PreferenceChoice launched Consent Rate Optimization, to help organizations personalize user experience, optimize consent rates, and respect privacy. Take advantage of Consent Rate Optimization to maximize opt-ins through advanced A/B testing, reduce consent fatigue by authenticating consumers across devices and browsers, and select the optimal user experience based on attributes and behavior. PreferenceChoice customers can do all this and more while complying with major regulations.   


Watch the Webinar: Consent Rate Optimization: How to Maximize Opt-Ins Through Personalization  


As a result of regulatory updates, increasing consumer demand, and technology shifts, many businesses are adapting their strategies to optimize consent rates and maintain privacy compliance.  PreferenceChoice’s Consent Rate Optimization solution comes at an ideal time as companies search for options to boost opt-ins from consumers facing consent fatigue, deliver dynamic consumer journeys across domains and devices and maintain revenue and personalization as third-party cookies go away.   


Through OneTrust’s Consent Rate Optimization, users can optimize consent rates through a variety of functions. Key features include A/B Testing, Template Targeting, and Authenticated Consent:  

  • Experiment and easily test cookie banner layouts, texts, colors, template designs, and more through A/B testing to identify which variation generates the highest opt-ins.   

  • View detailed dashboards and reports to understand variant performance and inform CMP (Consent Management Platform) configuration.   

  • Deliver specific templates to visitors based on logic and specific attributes such as behavior, age, and content.     

  • Decrease consent fatigue by reducing the number of times consent is asked for while creating a seamless, personalized privacy experience.   

  • Synchronize the consent of known users across devices and integrate with industry-wide ID solutions.    

Learn How Progress Software Utilized A/B Testing to Maximize Opt-In Rates: Read the Case Study 


Publishers, advertisers, marketers, privacy professionals, and developers, across industries, can advance consent management platform (CMP) strategies to personalize user experiences with this solution. In addition to this, users can respect consumer privacy and maintain regulatory compliance.   


To learn more watch our webinar, Consent Rate Optimization: How to Maximize Opt-Ins Through Personalization. For more information or to request a demo, visit, PreferenceChoice.com  



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