How to enter

The Marketing Week Masters are the awards that celebrate and reward true mastery in marketing.

The Masters aims to be a comprehensive celebration of every discipline in marketing and every sector where great marketers work. There are 34 categories, which celebrate the channels used by marketers, the sectors they operate in and some special awards for the most progressive people and brands in the industry.

The entry deadline has been extended to 18 May 2018.




Categories are open to the brands and agencies entering projects on their behalf. Agencies must ensure they have permission and prior approval from their clients for any entries.

The awards are open to both UK and international organisations. Please make sure you have all permissions needed to use any material contained within the entry.


The entry - submitted online – comprises a 140 word executive summary and three sections of a maximum 1500 words. You may also upload supportive creative images and charts to help illustrate the entry and aid in the judges in their evaluations. Each entry should cover three core areas, laying out the objectives, implementation and results of the work undertaken.

  • The brief in 500 words
  • The work in 500 words
  • The results in 500 words


The entries will be seen by our jury, who all sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure protection of any commercially sensitive information. The Masters of Marketing, Festival of Marketing, Marketing Week may wish to publish case studies or ask you to speak at our events based on your entry. Please mark any commercially sensitive material in your entry and indicate any information which cannot be published.


  • Entry deadline: 27 April (extended to 18 May)
  • Submission: 1500 word submission
  • 140 word executive summary
  • Any supporting images or charts
  • All permissions obtained

If your supporting files exceed 20 MB, please send a WeTransfer (including your entry number) to


First entry: £350 + VAT
Subsequent entries: £310 + VAT each
Discounts are available for companies making more than 10 entries – call Katrina for more info: 020 7970 4661

Rising Star: free of charge
Agency of the Year: free of charge (open to agencies making at least one entry into the SECTOR, CHANNEL or SPECIAL categories)



Did the project team demonstrate more than just best practice or use a new or innovative approach to achieving the objectives? How effectively was the project executed and implemented to produce exceptional performance?


Were the project objectives clearly stated and did the team have an understanding of how the objectives relate to longer-term business objectives?  What strategy was used to achieve the objectives? How tailored was the project activity?


It is very important that you fully complete the entry form. In particular, details of budget and results should be provided. The more information you supply, the better the judges will be able to assess your entry. For the purposes of judging, all information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be viewed by the Awards Jury. However, in any editorial write-up about entries some information may be needed from the written entries. Any information that is commercially sensitive and which may not be used in an editorial write up should be inserted into the field marked 'Confidential Information'.


How successful was the project in relation to the original objectives? Results can include brand awareness, increased sales and sustainable competitive advantage. Proving effectiveness is crucial, so return on investment should be used wherever possible to allow large and small projects to compete on an equal footing.

Robust data is required. If you have queries regarding confidentiality, please read the below policy on commercial confidence.


1. Marketing Week’s Masters Awards are open to any brand or marketing services provider from any and all countries globally who contributed to a campaign or communication as outlined in the category descriptions and that was launched or has shown substantial, measurable progress during the judging eligibility period which runs from 1 June 2017 to 1 June 2018 inclusive.

2. Entries may be edited up until the point of 'submission'.

3. Entries are invited from client companies and service providers alike. Entries can be made independently, or as joint client/supplier submissions.

4. Entries must be made using the online entry template. Entries will not be accepted by any other means.

5. Projects may be entered into more than one category as appropriate, your first entry will cost £350 + UK VAT and if you wish to enter more than one category, subsequent entries (up to 10) will cost £310 + UK VAT. Discounts are available for companies making more than 10 entries – call Katrina for more info: 020 7970 4661.

6. When entries are submitted on behalf of clients by agencies or other parties, client sign off is assumed. If any issues arise concerning client sign off once the entry has been submitted, no refund will be given.

7. Please ensure that the information submitted is accurate and the correct companies are credited as appropriate. We accept no responsibility for any incorrectly submitted information.

8. Entrants must upload logos, in Illustrator EPS format, of the brand/client and entering agency only.

Note: Although names are requested of 'Other Agencies/Consultancies involved' (who may have contributed to the entry), company names ONLY are required – please do NOT send their company logos.

9. Digital uploads may take a variety of formats e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Jpeg file. Please ensure that uploaded logos, video and any supporting files follow the supporting material guidelines and together do not exceed the maximum upload limit of 20MB per entry. Please note when uploading supporting material file names must not include any 'special' characters e.g. _ / ( ) & * ".

10. Physical items submitted as part of any entry will be available for collection in November; during the online entry process you have the opportunity to indicate that you will require items to be available for collection. Festival of Marketing accepts no responsibility for physical items submitted as part of the entry process.

11. Where websites form part of an entry, please ensure any URLs, access details, usernames and passwords needed for judging are supplied, that they work, and that they will continue to work until November 2018. Sites that cannot be viewed will be eliminated from the judging.

12. The judges reserve the right to re-categorise entries if they think another category would be more suitable.  However, they cannot be expected to routinely re-categorise incorrectly entered projects.

13. Once submitted, entries are confirmed and non-refundable. Once payment has been received your entry/ies will be passed to the judges for review.

14. By submitting an entry the entrant confirms that they have read and agree with the Rules of Entry and understand these now apply.

15. Any entry may be withdrawn for any reason up until midnight on Friday 2 June upon written request to the organisers; however, the entry fee is non-refundable.

16. Sponsors are not permitted to enter the category that they are sponsoring.

17. The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding them.

18. Winners will be announced at the Marketing Week Masters Awards, taking place on Tuesday 9 October in London.

19. Centaur Media may use the content of your entry submission for editorial coverage, business or marketing purposes as an example of best practice. We will never ever use anything marked as ‘Confidential Information’ as we fully respect your commercial confidence.