DX Summit

DX Summit

Festival of Marketing hosts: DX Summit

In partnership with the Festival of Marketing, Cognizant Digital Experience and Zone hosted the DX Summit to explore this transforming customer and employee landscape.

A stellar line-up featuring leading brands and organisations who put CX and EX at the top of their boardroom agenda delivered insight into how digital experiences are transforming the way we work, transact, communicate, and live in an ever-changing world.

Missed any of the sessions? You can now catch-up on video on demand. 



Exploring how to accelerate and innovate digital experiences to meet customer and employee demand

Wednesday 23 March, 1pm - 5:30pm

It goes without saying that the past two years have led to digital acceleration in business that has never been seen before as consumers’ expectations around experience has massively shifted. The challenge for business leaders is to ensure they can meet and exceed these expectations.

To best serve their customers, businesses need to know and understand them and their employees, requiring the ability to contextualise massive amounts of data and integrate that intelligence across the company. By looking at the customer journey in its entirety and uncovering how their employees and other enablement layers in the organisation contribute to this experience is key.

What will you gain from attending the DX Summit?

Leading-edge insight

Hear from top business leaders from some of the biggest and most progressive brands as they offer insight into how they are tackling the challenges and opportunities of digital experiences head-on.

How to build better experiences

Learn how businesses are creating end-to-end experiences for their customers and workforce that are convenient, personalised and seamless, working across various touchpoints and channels.

Innovative thinking

Learn how to gain insight from your data to shape meaningful experiences and navigate complex customer and employee journeys.

How to work smarter

Understand some of the technology, systems and processes that make the day-to-day brand experience better – for both employees and customers.

Building better culture

Explore how the culture of your business is key to delivering a seamless customer experience – from board level down to the branch – to set the entire business up for future success.

Strategic understanding

Understand how to be truly customer-centric you must first be employee-centric and the impact this has on your bottom line.

About Cognizant Digital Experience and Zone

At Cognizant Digital Experience, we help our clients win by creating and enabling exceptional experiences.

We bring together intimacy and industrialisation, contextualising massive amounts of behavioural data with qualitative insights to connect us to the ‘why’ behind people’s behaviour; and integrating data intelligence, core technologies and business processes at scale to enable the delivery of engaging experiences. We call this Experience Orchestration.

Through Experience Orchestration, we unearth the moments that matter most in customer and employee journeys; and orchestrate software, platforms and programs to transform these high-value interactions into personalised experiences that drive business results.

Zone is the customer experience agency inside Cognizant. We generate value for businesses by creating transformative customer experiences.



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