DX Summit

DX Summit

Festival of Marketing hosts: DX Summit
7 June 2021

In partnership with the Festival of Marketing, Cognizant Digital Experience and Zone invite you to the DX Summit to explore how and why businesses need to change to meet increasing expectations from their customers, and their employees.

Featuring innovative brands and marketers driving the CX agenda forward, we will deliver insight into how creativity, technology and data will transform experiences, and change the way people do business.

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Exploring how innovative digital experiences will enable businesses to meet increasing customer and employee expectations

7 June, 1pm - 5pm

Customer experience should be at the top of the boardroom agenda now and in the future. Delivering exceptional CX requires a deep understanding of the most valuable experiences along the customer journey and collaboration across the organisation. But why are some businesses still failing to implement CX strategies that make a difference? And are their employees getting the best experience to deliver the best service to their customers?

What will you gain from attending the DX Summit?

Leading-edge insight

Hear from top marketers from some of the biggest and most progressive brands as they offer insight into how they are tackling the challenges and opportunities of digital experiences head-on.

How to build better experiences

Learn how to gain insight from your data to shape meaningful experiences and navigate complex customer and employee journeys.

Innovative thinking

Discover the top innovations and technologies that are revolutionising customer and employee experiences and shaping businesses for the future.

How to work smarter

Discover how business leaders focus on innovation and speed, along with hiring and developing the best talent and providing them with the right tools to work smarter.

Building better culture

Explore how the culture of your business is key to delivering a seamless customer experience, and why it must be a shared understanding and responsibility within any organisation.

Strategic understanding

Understand how creating an optimised employee experience directly impacts your CX strategy and your bottom line.

Explore some sample topics:

We’ll reveal the 50 movers and shakers in CX who are creating effective, efficient and differentiated customer experiences that help their companies win.

We’ll explore why businesses should invest in employee enablement and the customer experience delivery ecosystem.

We’ll look at the evolution of the automotive showroom and predict the future of the automotive industry.

We’ll shine a light on the banking and insurance sector, and analyse how digital transformation will be both a help and a hindrance in meeting customer expectations.

We’ll learn how retail giants are revolutionising the way they do business to thrive in a new customer landscape.

We’ll explore the innovations redefining the customer and employee experience agenda.

About Cognizant Digital Experience and Zone

Cognizant Digital Experience help our clients win by creating and enabling exceptional experiences.

We bring together intimacy and industrialisation, contextualising massive amounts of behavioural data with qualitative insights to connect us to the ‘why’ behind people’s behaviour and integrating data intelligence, core technologies and business processes at scale to enable the delivery of engaging experiences. We call this Experience Orchestration.

Through Experience Orchestration we unearth moments that matter most in customer and employee journeys and orchestrate software, platforms, and programs to transform these high-value interactions into personalised experiences that drive business results.

Zone is the customer experience agency inside Cognizant. We generate value for businesses by creating transformative customer experiences.



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7-10 June 2021