The Masters of Marketing Awards 2018


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The Masters of Marketing are the awards that celebrate and reward true mastery in marketing.

The Masters aims to be a comprehensive celebration of every discipline in marketing and every sector where great marketers work. There are 36 categories of awards, which celebrate the channels used by marketers, the sectors they operate in and some special awards for the most progressive people and brands in the industry.

Find out what the benefits of entering are here

Who can enter the Masters?

Entries may be submitted by brand owners or their marketing agencies on their behalf. Agencies must ensure they have permission and prior approval from their clients for any entries. The awards are open to both UK and international organisations. Please make sure you have all permissions needed to use any material contained within the entry.

What is the entry format?

The entry - submitted online – comprises a 140 word executive summary and three sections of a maximum 1500 words. You may also upload supportive creative images and charts to help illustrate the entry and aid in the judges in their evaluations.

Each entry should cover three core areas, laying out the objectives, implementation and results of the work undertaken.

  • The brief in 500 words

  • The work in 500 words

  • The results in 500 words

Who will see my work?

The entries will be seen by our jury, who all sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure protection of any commercially sensitive information. The Masters of Marketing, Festival of Marketing, Marketing Week and Econsultancy may wish to publish case studies or ask you to speak at our events based on your entry. Please mark any commercially sensitive material in your entry and indicate any information which cannot be published.

Entry fees

• £295+VAT

• CEO Award for Marketing, Rising Star, Visionary Marketer and Brand of the Year are free of charge to enter.

Awards check list

  • Entry deadline to be announced soon.
  • Submission: 1500 word submission
  • 140 word executive summary
  • Any supporting images or charts
  • All permissions obtained


If your supporting files exceed 20 MB, please send a WeTransfer (including your entry number) to


  • “The Masters of Marketing Awards are bold and courageous and really push the boundaries for the industry. They recognise truly innovative work and are an inspiration, with some of the best work available for all to see.”
    Karen Stacey

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