The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Empowering you to make better decisions

23-25 March 2021

This virtual event gave marketers the confidence to plan in uncertain times, insight into how to achieve more with less, as well as helping better determine more meaningful measures of success.

We welcomed some of the most innovative marketing organisations and insightful marketing thought leaders to share their expertise across three packed days of learning. The Bottom Line delivered a mix of provocative, practical and punchy sessions that provided practical guidance on everyday challenges. 

Discover June's Festival, Fast Forward, then get a Virtual Festival Pass to receive on demand access to the learning until Friday 9 July.


Each day of the Festival provided actionable insight and fresh thinking to help you deal with a separate challenge:

Day 1:​ 

Planning for success

The effective deployment of marketing budgets starts with a clear sense of what you are trying to do, where you want to play, and what success would look like. This day uncovered how to start the planning process.

Day 2: 

Making decisions

Once you have worked out what you’re trying to achieve, you need the tools to support and inform execution. This day uncovered how to drive the decision-making process.

Day 3:​ 

Measuring success

How to determine what good looks like and what to measure are key considerations when communicating the impact of investment to internal stakeholders and delivering return for company and customers. This day uncovered what to measure and how.

Day 1: Key learnings

Day 1: Key learnings

Day 2: Key learnings

Day 2: Key learnings

Day 3: Key learnings

Day 3: Key learnings

What happened at The Bottom Line:


Speakers sharing their expertise included...




What did The Bottom Line's virtual experience look like?

How was this Festival delivered?

Success stories

Brands will walk you through context, process & outcome.

How to ….

Shorter sessions that are evidence-based, practical workshops.

Myth busting

Experts will offer an alternative view of best practice.

More with less

Brands will share how they have extracted more value from less spend. 

Take a closer look at the session formats:


What did our delegates gain from attending the Festival of Marketing?



Insight into best practice around decision making and measurement, and clarity on what works and doesn’t.   




Learnings from some of the most innovative marketing organisations and insightful marketing thought leaders.




Armed with skills in decision making, maximising opportunities and measuring success.




Festival provided guidance on what matters and what doesn't.




They walked away from Festival ready to make informed decisions.




Case studies provided evidence-based examples of effectiveness.

Festival was a learning experience like no other, but don't just take our word for it...




2021 Sponsors & Partners



  • "Thoroughly enjoyed the 2020 Festival of Marketing! A huge variety of talks at the tip of my fingertips and available on-demand, should I need to recap or revisit my favourite sessions."
    Senior Marketing Executive
    Elysium Healthcare
  • "Great thinkers of the marketing world distilling key opportunities, challenges and focus for the disciple of modern marketing!"
    Regional Consumer Marketing Manager, Asia
    Tourism New Zealand
  • "Good opportunity to get in touch with latest trends, thoughts and future outlooks in business and marketing as well as gain some new inspiration."
    VP Marketing & Analytics EMEA
    ACCO Brands EMEA
  • "I would highly recommend attending the Festival of Marketing. Despite it being virtual, I still found the sessions just as engaging as an in-person event. It is a great way to discover new ideas and understand the latest trends in the industry!"
    Junior Marketing Manager
  • "The Festival was excellent. From the speakers to the session topics, the user experience and the delivery, FOM nailed it this year. "
    Head of Marketing
    Contra Agency
  • “The quality of the virtual Festival of Marketing is excellent.”
    Research Fellow (digital and marketing)
    Coventry University

Festival of Marketing

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7-10 June 2021