Fast Forward

Fast Forward

Helping you see beyond the year with confidence

7-10 June 2021

The four day virtual event offered some much needed perspective on what the future holds. Sessions uncovered answers to the big questions about the future of your brand, your job and the way you work. It's not too late to access Fast Forward's amazing content, get your Virtual Festival Pass and you can access all of the sessions on demand until Friday 9 July.

Each day of Festival had a carefully curated theme, to provide you with thought-provoking content to help you get future fit. This wasn’t an exercise in specious future gazing but an honest look at what will and won’t change and how to prepare.


Each day of Fast Forward focused on a different topic:

Day 1:​ 

DX Summit (1-5pm)

In partnership with the Festival of Marketing, Cognizant Digital Experience and Zone hosted the DX Summit to explore how and why businesses need to change to meet increasing expectations from their customers, and their employees.

Day 2:

Future proofing your brand

There is no shortage of predictions of seismic change in marketing, but what will change and how do marketers need to prepare and adapt to thrive?  Attendees discovered what the future may hold for their brands and how they could prepare for it.  

Day 3:


When should brands innovate? How should they approach decision making? And how do they determine potential success? Fast Forward's attendees discovered the process, mindset, checks and balances that can lead to successful innovation.

Day 4:

Work and working

Has the pandemic hastened the need for marketers to have new capabilities, or highlighted the need for marketing fundamentals? Fast Forward's attendees discovered the structure, skills and mindset marketers and their teams must possess to prosper.

A seriously impressive selection of speakers!

Speakers who shared their expertise at Fast forward include...


What did our attendees gain from Fast Forward?




To think forwards after 15 months of survival.




Into how innovative marketing organisations are preparing for the medium term.




To plan for the medium term challenges your brand, team and career will face.




Of what will, and won’t change in the years ahead, and how it will affect you and your brand.




Of innovative practice and lessons from the past from seriously impressive brand speakers.




Of important macro and micro trends.


Explore some sample topics…

Day 1:

The 50 movers and shakers in CX

Why businesses should invest in employee enablement and the customer experience delivery ecosystem

How retail giants are revolutionising the way they do business to thrive in a new customer landscape

The innovations redefining the customer and employee experience agenda

Day 2:

Future commercial and pricing strategy

The role of culture in changing consumer attitudes

Sustainability and the role of the marketer

Successful reinvention from category switches

The role of research

Marrying brand and employer branding

Day 3:

The opportunity of automation and AI

Innovation approaches

Determining success

Creating a culture of innovation

Successful innovation and why it worked

Innovative companies and cultures

Day 4:

Agile working and marketing

Organisational design and marketing’s place in it

Stakeholder management

Future marketing capabilities

Agile organisations

Real time decision making and enablement

How was June’s Festival delivered

Lessons from the past

Experts share their successes or failures.

Consider this

A prediction of future best practice.

How to ….

Shorter sessions that are evidence-based, practical workshops.

The alternative view

An expert challenges received wisdom.

What did a visit to Fast Forward look like?

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The Bottom Line

23-25 March 2021

Empowering you to make better decisions.

This virtual event helped marketers determine what to focus their time and money on and how to measure the success of the decisions they make.

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  • 'It's a fantastic event if you would like to hear from the very best in marketing, on great topics and to learn how you can improve in your marketing career. It's the very best out there!'
    Customer Marketing Manager
    8x8 UK
  • "The Festival of Marketing in virtual format has been a very convenient and practical source of new ideas, reassurance on marketing strategies and hearing directly from experts from various industries. It really helps marketers look at their jobs and roles played with more perspective and get the bigger picture on what's new in terms of innovations and trends. "
    VP Marketing - Benelux and Nordics
    Allianz Global Investors
  • "A great way to freshen up one's thinking and recalibrate what we should be doing."
    Group Head of Marketing
    Creative Benefits
  • "The Festival of Marketing has been a breath of fresh air after such a strange year!"
    Marketing Director
    ONVU Technologies
  • "Relevant topics & inspirational speakers for any level of marketeer. Recommended!"
    Associate Director (Marketing)
  • “Excellent gathering of the smartest and most provacative thinkers in marketing.”
    Former VP Effectiveness and Optimisation
    Formerly The Economist Newspaper Ltd

Festival of Marketing

Fast Forward

7-10 June 2021