Get a taster of just a few of the sessions taking place this October.


  1. Steven Bartlett has had an impressive career. From building a multi-million-pound business in social media marketing agency The Social Chain from nothing to becoming the youngest ever investor, at 29, on Dragon’s Den, he has gained lots of experience and insight in a short space of time. He is also the host of one Europe’s most popular business podcasts, the Diary of a CEO.

    Within this session, Steven will cover:

    • How budget-stricken marketers can be creative with their time and money
    • How marketers can transform the perception of marketing with investors
    • The critical steps for career success
  2. The world has been trapped in a perpetual state of uncertainty for what seems like years, only exacerbated by the current macro-economic environment. As a marketer, it can be dizzying making sense of it all for your brand, business and team.

    Join “uncertainty expert” Sam Conniff for an interactive session where you will discover your tolerance to uncertainty and how you can change your approach to manage indecision, anxiety, self-doubt, and increase confidence, connection, and productivity.


    Account Based Marketing (ABM) is labour-intensive by its very nature, but there are a few practices you can use to ensure you reap the rewards from your labour of love.


    In this interactive masterclass, award-winning B2B agency Really B2B will share with you how to create highly personalised ABM campaigns, without exhausting your manpower and budget. Using tools like intent data and revenue analysis to provide actionable insight to fuel your campaign, this session will teach you everything you need to know about the 3 main types of ABM and how to identify which one is right for you.



    In this session you will learn –

    • A one-to-one, one-to-few, and one-to-many approach and what sets them apart
    • How to conduct revenue analysis on your customer portfolio to inform future marketing decisions
    • How to set up your ABM team for success, even if you’re doing it solo
    • A handful of ABM tips to help you deliver a game-changing campaign

    Who is this session for?

    • Marketers who have a dream client list
    • B2B teams who want to improve the success of their ABM campaign
    • Anyone with big ambitions but little time to spare
  4. Employing a multichannel approach can make it hard to successfully execute high level content quickly and efficiently.

    Join this session to discover the best practices that On, one of the world’s fastest-growing sports brands, uses to showcase its products more effectively across their channels, and the role digital asset management has played in their development.

  5. Mastercard Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Raja Rajamannar has spent almost 30 years in top leadership positions at some of the world’s biggest organisations, flying the flag for marketing internally and driving business outcomes that deliver for company and customer.

    In conversation with Marketing Week editor-in-chief Russell Parsons, Raja will reveal what he has learned about defining and communicating success in a way that makes sense to the C-Suite, the value of consistency in branding as well as Mastercard’s iconic Priceless campaign as it hits 25.

  6. James Chandler takes a meme-tastic look at the fortunes and fallacies of online advertising over its 27-year history. Join James as he looks at ‘how it started… how it’s going’ for the internet and breaks down some of the unintended consequences in digital advertising over the past three decades.

    As well as being an entertaining journey through the history of the web, this session will help marketers get to grips with the forthcoming changes to third-party cookies, navigate the often-complex digital ad ecosystem and understand why we should be careful what we write off when looking to the future.

  7. Within this short and snappy session, Rachael will share one lesson learned from her career and what it has taught her about success and failure. From the corporate world to founder life, this honest and frank session will inspire you to put people first in marketing communications and beyond, whilst maintaining healthy professional boundaries.
  8. Ask Me Anything is a stage where you will have the opportunity to meet and question some of our Festival speakers and other, selected thought leaders and ask the burning question you’ve always wanted to ask!

    Raja Rajamannar is a transformative business leader with substantial senior management experience across different geographies around the world. Raja has managed large-scale businesses at Fortune 500 companies across financial services, consumer-packaged goods and healthcare, including at Unilever, Citigroup, Anthem, and Mastercard with wide-ranging success in navigating highly regulated environments, leading transformational strategies – both growth and turnaround - and driving shareholder value.

    In addition to managing diverse businesses, Raja also significant experience managing functions including Marketing & Communications, Innovation, Sales & Business Development, Corporate Development (M&A), Data Analytics and Digital.

    Raja is currently serving as the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of Mastercard and the President of its Healthcare division. He is a member of the Management Committee of the enterprise. He is also responsible for exploring and developing business opportunities in new verticals such as health care.

    Raja is globally recognized for his innovative thinking, leadership in business transformation that he has brought to executive roles across industries, and leadership in Mastercard’s marketing and brand transformation.
  9. Ask Me Anything is a stage where you will have the opportunity to meet and question some of our Festival speakers and other, selected thought leaders and ask the burning question you’ve always wanted to ask!

    Grace is a business economist who has analysed effectiveness in all advertising buying categories. Grace founded the business now known as Magic Numbers in 2010. Her work has contributed to 12 IPA Effectiveness Award winners plus a Cannes Lions Grand Prix, and she’s been a technical judge for the IPA and WARC effectiveness Awards. She writes regularly for Marketing Week and WARC.

    Grace has the kind of people skills you rarely see in data people. It allows her to tell stories that enable change. That’s why her findings don’t just sit on the shelf. Instead, they bring real progress towards clients’ business targets and their career goals.

    In 2021 Grace convened the Advertising Research Community (ARC) supported by the IPA. The ARC is an initiative to collect data from non-awarded cases in order to learn more about effective marketing. The analysis is peer reviewed and the ARC invites contribution from econometric suppliers world-over.

  10. Ask Me Anything is a stage where you will have the opportunity to meet and question some of our Festival speakers and other, selected thought leaders and ask the burning question you’ve always wanted to ask!

    Sam is most recently the Creator of Uncertainty Experts, a unique hybrid of online learning, interactive documentary and psychological intervention. He is the author of the international best-seller and "modern life-bible" Be More Pirate. He was Co-Founder of Livity, the multi-award-winning social enterprise and youth-led creative Network, Co-founder of Digify Africa, providing transformational digital skills to thousands of young Africans and Co-Founder of Don’t panic, the original activist and Bafta-winning content studio.

    Sam has won Entrepreneur of the year, Agency of the Year, The Queens Award and many others and he turned down an MBE in 2020. A consultant to brands from Rolex to Red Bull, and a mentor to many entrepreneurs and innovators around the world. Sam is also an in-demand Keynote Speaker, facilitator, host and MC (but not the rapping kind, sadly).

  11. The Ideas Exchange stage is for marketers looking to share and exchange experiences and perspectives with peers on the most important issues in marketing.

    Growth is something every business leader aspires to deliver but after the biggest shock to consumer behaviour and brand loyalty in a generation, an economic downturn and recession in the air, where will business growth come from, how do we acquire new customers and retain existing ones and what's the best way to make it sustainable when so much has changed?  Peter will share everything that's changed in consumer behaviour and everything that hasn’t, and delegates will debate and share their findings with the wider group. 

  12. The Ideas Exchange stage is for marketers looking to share and exchange experiences and perspectives with peers on the most important issues in marketing.

    How and when we work has changed beyond recognition and the makeup of the modern marketing team has changed just as fast. What should you in house and what should you outsource and how do you authentically lead a team and build brand culture when so many of the team no longer work for the brand. Peter shares his own lessons in leadership and the core traits he believes will ensure leaders continue to grow in uncertain times before delegates discuss and reach their own conclusions.

  13. Just how prepared are you to exploit the opportunity in your category and sector? To meet the expectations of your business? In this interactive, entertaining and practical session Mark Ritson will challenge the audience to score their own marketing capability with ten tests of their current approach. He’ll review and explain each test, ask the room to grade their own efforts and then review the result
  14. How can B2B companies achieve long-standing success, and what measures need to be in place to spur this on?

    In this session we're joined by B2B marketers who are tearing up the rulebook and focusing on brand-building for long-term growth and gains.

  15. Inflation has hit a 40-year high and are set to remain at levels most marketers will have not experienced in their working lives into the new year. The cost of living crisis is putting pressure and forcing consumers to make choices, throwing up fresh branding, pricing and communication challenges for marketers. In this session, join a consumer expert, economist and brand leader as they unpick the implication and what marketers can do to mitigate.
  16. There is no shortage of buzzwords and bad practice in marketing, and no end of received wisdom and unqualified theory. If marketing is to power growth for business, what must we dump to make this a reality?

    This interactive session will see three marketing luminaries gather their most hated marketing jargon, lock them in Room 101 and throw away the key.

  17. This discussion brings together marketers from brands who have unequivocally over-achieved while working with limited resources. The panel will share their thinking, what they learned, and how other marketers can do the same. From being choiceful with every pound spent to focusing on personalisation to boost growth, join us to learn how you can start achieving 'more with less'.
  18. For years, a narrative has built that the impact of advertising is in decline. That efficiency is trumping effectiveness. That creative effectiveness is being side-lined in favour of media efficacy.

    How true is this? And if so, what are consequences? More importantly how can marketers address the problems?

    Join Marketing Week columnist, economist and System1 founder Dr Grace Kite and author and System 1’s chief innovation officer Orlando Wood as they make their case in answer to the question – is advertising in crisis?

  19. B2B is often seen as an “other” in marketing. A complex, opaque job where marketing fundamentals do not apply. Through their columns in Marketing Week, Peter and Jon regularly dismantle received wisdom and debunk accepted practice. Join this session as they share their view of what works and doesn’t, what will lead to greater impact and not.