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  1. Multichannel
    • As the virtual world continues to expand consumers still value a more physical presence that delivers permanence and longevity
    • For this reason, Mail and Digital have continuously proven to be perfect partners, with mail driving response to online channels and boosting digital traffic by capitalising on and enhancing moments of impact and excitement
    • Thus, to ensure your Digital activity is successful, join us to learn how brands that use the intimacy of a letter as well as the connectivity of a smartphone will be valued more highly by consumers
  2. Content
    Sustainability – what is it worth?
  3. Multichannel
    • Learnings from building a unique platform targeted at a heavily regulated audience 
    • Risky decisions for good: Find out the challenges involved when asking for permission to build new ecosystems and try out new ideas within a legacy brand organisation 
    • Unlocking insightful data through multiple touchpoints that fuel impactful strategies 
  4. Digital Transformation
    • Sophie Blum will discuss how leading brands have embraced digital transformation over the past two  decades and are winning  the race towards the next wave of digital disruption, with one-to-one mass marketing
    • We will hear how leading brands are combining the science of data and the art of creativity to serve individual personalised solutions to consumers and how brands can use their voice as a force for good and a force for growth
  5. Headline Stage
    Stephen Fry Opens the Festival
  6. Social
    • What does a best in class influencer strategy look like?
    • How can influencer programmes be designed to both drive sales and reinforce the brand positioning?
    • What are the key building blocks to consider when creating successful programmes? 
  7. Digital Transformation
    • As traditional print businesses are transforming to meet new digital demands, find out how Shortlist Media evolved its offering from print to video and implemented long term content and business strategies
    • Hear the ten easy steps (and stumbles) you need to be aware of in your digital transformation journey
    • How do you ensure core brand values are kept intact during the transition and brand positioning remains ahead of competition? 
  8. AI
    • How can your business take advantage of new technologies like AI?
    • What did it take to make a business like Mondelez try AI?
    • What can you learn from the approach taken by Mondelez?
    • Why being agile is crucial to handling the unknown?
    • Do you have to be flexible with your expectations and be prepared to fail?
  9. Brand & Creative
    • Marketoonist creator Tom Fishburne will illustrate through cartoons and case studies how the best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing
    • There is no longer a captive audience; how brands can connect in moments that matter
    • Technology cannot save boring marketing; how to sense check if your marketing is fundamentally worth sharing
  10. Realising Your Potential
    • Maximise your inner potential by locating your own personal ‘superpower’
    • Be inspired by extraordinary individuals around the world and their strength, determination and dedication
    • Learn the five dynamics (D.R.E.A.M.) that could help you find your superpower and shape (or change!) your career and life journey
  11. AI
    • What happens when a chat bot, using machine learning to self develop, has access to a million separate touchpoints?
    • Explore the evolution of automation and social media
    • How to use bots to compliment the customer service team
  12. Content
    • Consumer attitudes to sexual and gender identity are changing fast
    • Can traditionally male or female oriented brands survive?
    • Festival of Marketing exclusive research: which brands are leading and who is lagging behind?
  13. Multichannel
    • Using consumer insight to know your audience across platforms
    • Creating content based on insight and with a small budget
    • Adapting to the channels you invest in
    • Increasing engagement and reach through brand partners
  14. Digital Transformation
    • Putting Hull on the global digital map with UK City of Culture 2017
    • Smart cities: The opportunities we need to grasp
    • Can digital transformation lead a city to innovation and disruption?
  15. Brand & Creative
    • Cycling has never had a more prominent and aspirational role in urban life
    • An award winning urban bike club born at the Design Museum gets commuters on bikes and using them every day
    • Combining gamification, data and design to create a compelling value exchange between brands and riders
    • Create your very own branded Cycle Club your communities and the city will love
  16. Customer Experience
    • Smartphones have changed the way we communicate, and forward thinking organisations are leveraging this
    • Understand ‘who’ your customers are, and how you can improve their experience
    • Find out how to gain an advantage on brands that aren’t ready to go mobile
  17. Personalisation
    • How is Canon approaching personalised marketing and creating relevant content: From the creation of personas to ‘self-select’ personalisation
    • The story behind the picture: What is the ‘Canon customer experience’? Can you create a dedicated following by unlocking your customers’ creativity?
    •  The ‘Live For The Story’ case study: Engaging with younger audiences by integrating them to the brand experience and the core brand values
  18. Headliner
    Jo Malone headlines the Festival
  19. AI
    • Do advances in AI hold the potential to reshape the way in which we lead our daily lives?
    • How can brands create trust in AI if there is no consensus on what AI should actually be used for?
    • Will AI change "what it is to be human and live well" as stated by parliament's AI exploration group
    •  What can brands learn from the government's approach to AI? Are they putting caution ahead of progress?
  20. Content
    • A short journey from darkness to enlightenment on the true power of sound – the original 'Virtual Reality' medium
    • Featuring world champion Beatboxers - the beatbox collective- you'll learn how sound adds colour to our lives, thoughts, memories, feelings and the multiplier effect that can have on your ROI in the digital age
    • The best 2mins you’ll ever spend blindfolded but fully-clothed
  21. New Session
    • Behind the scenes with Treatwell’s CRM programme: Starting from scratch and scaling internationally 
    • Existing tools, big results: Using data to improve the customer experience
    • User generated content: Don’t underestimate the power of customer reviews
  22. Realising Your Potential
    • How unwavering optimism can create a successful business
    • People are everything, support your team, listen to your customers and you’ll reap the rewards
    • Constructive criticism is gold dust for growth and brand development 
    • The art of good conversation, a useful skill in all areas of business most of all customer service
  23. Digital Transformation
    • Learn about how the global Marketing VP views and embraces digital transformation across his brands
    • Insights from the largest global trial of NFC by a drinks brand as well as additional tech innovation trials
    • Thoughts on future trends of interest and live Q&A
  24. Insight
    • Lessons from BBC Worldwide’s “tool-box + storytelling” approach to consumer insight
    • How to ensure your REAL audiences are at the heart of everything you do as consumers become increasingly fragmented across touchpoints
    • The importance of innovation: How Affinio helps us understand both fans and hard to reach audiences
  25. AI
    • Can combining AI with human interaction help make your customers more autonomous?
    • When is AI most effective as a tool for customer service?
    • What happens if you’re data isn’t AI ready?
    • What’s the most effective way of engaging staff and helping them work along-side AI?
    • What are the cost implications both short and long-term?
  26. Social
    • How Just Eat nailed its social media strategy to build a following of over 1 million on Facebook
    • Learn to use social to remove any friction with your customers
    • Can you build your brand personality and reputation just across multiple social platforms?




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