The 2020 Stages

The 2020 Stages

12 stages of thought-provoking content

Keep up with the latest trends and discover the changes that do and don’t matter

The content stages will help you understand the skills, behaviours, innovation and strategy required to become a more effective marketer now, and in the future.

Festival-goers will have plenty of inspirational sessions to attend! View some of the already confirmed sessions, then find out everything that you and your team will gain from attending the Festival within the Delegate Pack.


The Headline Stage

In line with the Festival of Marketing’s theme this year, which seeks to put marketing back at the forefront of leading businesses through change, we are welcoming four unique headliners to the stage. Each will delve deeper into a shift that’s reshaping the way we move forward. Learn from creators, disruptors, business leaders and motivators alike, to discover what the future holds for marketing.

Marketing Effectiveness

Are you feeling under pressure to demonstrate the positive impact your marketing efforts are having on the business? The latest on achieving meaningful return through profitable growth, the tools and strategy to effectively measure ROI and creating a culture of effectiveness.


Trends & Behaviours

Identifying and satisfying unfulfilled consumer needs is an essential part of driving growth in any business, so join us for the latest news, analysis, insight and opinion on key behavioural and attitudinal trends, as well as developments in market research.

Marketing Stage

Creative Insights

Creative Review will be hosting the Creative Insights stage at Festival of Marketing for the first time in 2020. The UK's leading magazine for the creative industry will offer insights, inspiration and strategies on how to use creativity to make effective marketing, how to build a great in-house creative team, and why the size of the logo really does matter. Expect frank, interesting and relevant exchanges on how brands and creative teams can work together to create better, more effective work.

Marketing Week Strategy & Leadership

Marketing Week is back for a third year with two-days of insight and inspiration on the key strategic and leadership strategies marketers face. Featuring senior marketers from some of the UK’s biggest brands and some of the world’s most prominent thought leaders, we will ask the big questions about some of the biggest questions in marketing.  


Social & Influencer Marketing

From Instagram and Twitter to YouTube and TikTok, find out more about the latest social media trends and marketing strategies driving brands through the next decade. More on how to engage customers, work with influencers, manage  brand perception, tap into new audiences and identify the right skillset for a successful social media team.


Data & Insight

Equip yourself with the tools needed to successfully translate data into actionable insight, delivering more engaging and personalised experiences for your customers. Identify how marketers can confront the challenges of creating an effective data-driven operation and delve into big data, quality, privacy, unified data and more.


Insights, analysis and opinions that will help your brand generate and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. From skills gaps and changing cultures to audience segmentation, where to invest, new platforms, SEO and trust – stay on top of trends here!

Realising Your Potential

Get inspired, push boundaries and breakthrough wellbeing setbacks to improve your professional and personal development. With workshops to boost your confidence and public speaking skills alongside discussions around mental health, inclusion and finding your voice, this is one not to be missed. 


What is the role of original, branded and user-generated content? What are your brand values and how should they shape your content strategy? Discover how to put an effective content marketing strategy in place and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to a clearly defined audience.


Tech Innovation

Expert speakers demonstrate how emerging tech can offer meaningful connections with customers and show true ROI. From the use of AI in strategy, creativity and ecommerce to navigating the MarTech maze, find out how technology will continue to change the future.


Customer Experience

Attitudes, expectations, behaviours – we won’t be short of content on the Customer Experience stage! Find everything you need to know about customer experience management, journey mapping, changing landscapes, engagement strategies, generating insights and behavioural science.

Festival of Marketing

7 - 8 October 2020