Agenda at a Glance: The Bottom Line

Agenda at a Glance: The Bottom Line

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  1. Making decisions

    Econometrics has long been used as a tool for marketers to help make the best decisions they can. But how has it progressed, and how can marketers use it to effectively predict outcomes when so much is unknown in 2021? In this panel we'll explore the best and the worst of econometrics and how to navigate the challenges the current environment has thrown at marketers.


  2. Planning for success
    Mochi ice cream brand Little Moons has had a great start to 2021. After going viral on TikTok, sales in Tesco and Waitrose leapt by over 700%. In this session, marketing director Ross Farquhar will explain how it creates room for the unexpected, and is flexible in use of its resources to capitalise on opportunity when it knocks.
  3. Planning for success
    KFC has firmly established itself as one of the nation’s favourite brands since arriving in the UK in 1965. But as with all beloved heritage brands, the challenge to remain relevant, modern and distinctive in a changing, fast-paced world is an ongoing (and tricky) one. Join us for a case study of successful long-term planning and strategy (despite some high-profile hiccups on the way), the importance of patience, commitment and a strong, clear diagnosis. In this session, CMO Meghan Farren describes the story of KFC UK & Ireland’s brand transformation journey, and gives a sneak peek of what’s to come for KFC in 2021.
  4. Measuring success
    Even beguilingly simple metrics can lead to implications that will force marketers to confront complexity. Using Net Promoter Score as an example, this session shows how to move from measurement to action, why framing really matters, and what the gains for the diligent will be.
  5. Measuring success
    What are the key questions marketers should be considering in order to generate value? And which tools should you be employing to better measure marketing effectiveness? In this session, Vas Kourakis walks us through where best to focus your energy, balance costs and increase scalability.
  6. Measuring success
    What’s easiest to measure isn’t always what’s most impactful on our marketing, but how badly can measuring the wrong thing mislead us? Are measures of ‘engagement’, ‘viewability’ or even ‘clicks’ really helping us optimise our marketing? Or when do they lead us down a dark path. Join media effectiveness expert Jerry Daykin as he explores what is and isn’t a meaningful measure of success.
  7. Making decisions
    Marketers often don’t have a clear view of how their choices affect revenue and profit. It’s because there are so many moving parts, and the outside world intrudes. In this practical session, economist Dr Grace Kite explains how econometric modelling can resolve these issues and enables a clear comparison of the costs and benefits of different marketing choices.
  8. Planning for success
    Mark Ritson examines the data you need (and don't need) to diagnose brand health. He looks at the relatively pointlessness of generic brand trackers. And then ploughs headlong into an expletive filled but incredibly practical dissemination of what the ideal brand diagnosis looks like.
  9. Planning for success
    At a time when it’s a challenge getting to the end of the week, planning for the year head is difficult. Join Sara Bennison, one of the UK’s most respected marketers, as she explains why you shouldn’t focus on being ‘perfect’ but instead be prepared to adapt plans and take risks. Is it even time to throw out the marketing plan completely?

How will the sessions be delivered?

Success stories

Brands will walk you through context, process & outcome.

How to ….

Shorter sessions that are evidence-based, practical workshops.

Myth busting

Experts will offer an alternative view of best practice.

More with less

Brands will share how they have extracted more value from less spend. 

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