Agenda at a Glance: The Bottom Line

Agenda at a Glance: The Bottom Line

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  1. Measuring success
    Share of Search is a useful metric but not perfect (no metric ever is really). Marketers must always try to validate that it works in their category. By doing so they can enhance their understanding of their category works, build and test hypotheses and support strategy formulation.  Join James Hankins, who alongside Les Binet have been champions of this new metric, will run through the techniques, the watchouts, the validations and the extended implications with illustrations of use in several categories.  
    James Hankins, Strategy Consultant - Vizer Consulting
  2. Planning for success
    Strategic planning is a long-term play. But how can you plan for next year when it’s difficult to know what is happening tomorrow. Join two marketers from sectors facing huge pressure and great uncertainty to hear how they prepared for multiple scenarios and adopted a two-speed strategy to deal with short-term disruption without losing sight of the bigger picture.
    Katie McAlister, Chief Marketing Officer - TUI
    Abigail Comber, Outgoing Chief Marketing Officer - Debenhams
  3. Planning for success

    Take a deep dive into the customer research and plans that made their brand re-position a success, increased their market share by 50%, and doubled their spontaneous brand awareness.

    CMO Sam Day will talk through the journey of research, creative directions and strategy, and how throwing the category’s rule book out the window and abandoning the norm of character-driven creative was actually the best decision they could have made.

    Among lessons to apply in other sectors, you'll also learn how to make your case to the wider business by bringing key internal stakeholders into your marketing plans.

    Sam Day, CMO -
  4. Making decisions
    Find out how combining CRM, search insights and social listening tools with an always-on and agile analytics process led to product innovation, higher sales and enhanced engagement for brands including Kleenex and Huggies.
    Juliana Chu, Director of Digital and Analytics - Kimberly Clark, APAC
  5. Measuring success
    Return on investment is often the metric of choice when looking to express success or failure, and whilst there are elements of marketing activity that do come down to ROI, marketers shouldn’t focus exclusively on short-term gains. We will be asking our expert panel what the limitations of ROI are, how this might be damaging long-term brand growth, and what you could be doing to more effectively measure marketing’s impact.
    Ann Constantine, Head of Insight & Marketing Effectiveness - Direct Line Group
    Nikki Vadera, Marketing Director - Henkel
    Sorin Patillinet, Global Marketing Insights Director - Mars
  6. Making decisions

    Econometrics has long been used as a tool for marketers to help make the best decisions they can. But how has it progressed, and how can marketers use it to effectively predict outcomes when so much is unknown in 2021? In this panel we'll explore the best and the worst of econometrics and how to navigate the challenges the current environment has thrown at marketers.


    Yilmaz Erceyes, CMO - Premier Foods
    Michelle Spillane, Marketing & Brand Director - Paddy Power
    Rhea Fox, Head of Marketing - Aviva
  7. Planning for success
    Mochi ice cream brand Little Moons has had a great start to 2021. After going viral on TikTok, sales in Tesco and Waitrose leapt by over 700%. In this session, marketing director Ross Farquhar will explain how it creates room for the unexpected, and is flexible in use of its resources to capitalise on opportunity when it knocks.
    Ross Farquhar, Marketing Director - Little Moons
  8. Planning for success
    KFC has firmly established itself as one of the nation’s favourite brands since arriving in the UK in 1965. But as with all beloved heritage brands, the challenge to remain relevant, modern and distinctive in a changing, fast-paced world is an ongoing (and tricky) one. Join us for a case study of successful long-term planning and strategy (despite some high-profile hiccups on the way), the importance of patience, commitment and a strong, clear diagnosis. In this session, CMO Meghan Farren describes the story of KFC UK & Ireland’s brand transformation journey, and gives a sneak peek of what’s to come for KFC in 2021.
    Meghan Farren, CMO - KFC
  9. Measuring success
    Even beguilingly simple metrics can lead to implications that will force marketers to confront complexity. Using Net Promoter Score as an example, this session shows how to move from measurement to action, why framing really matters, and what the gains for the diligent will be.
    Helen Edwards, Director - Passionbrand
  10. Measuring success
    What are the key questions marketers should be considering in order to generate value? And which tools should you be employing to better measure marketing effectiveness? In this session, Vas Kourakis walks us through where best to focus your energy, balance costs and increase scalability.
    Vasileios Kourakis, Global Director Marketing ROI and Media Lead - L'Oreal Consumer Products Division

How will the sessions be delivered?

Success stories

Brands will walk you through context, process & outcome.

How to ….

Shorter sessions that are evidence-based, practical workshops.

Myth busting

Experts will offer an alternative view of best practice.

More with less

Brands will share how they have extracted more value from less spend. 

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