Agenda at a Glance: Fast Forward

Agenda at a Glance: Fast Forward

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  1. Future proofing your brand

    Is it truly possible to put in place what’s required to safeguard your brand, and ensure success? Or is “future proofing” just a fancy way of making the right strategic plays? Join top marketing leaders from Lenovo, Habito and Boots as we discuss what marketers can and can’t do to ensure they are primed for the future.


  2. Future proofing your brand

    Developing a multi-dimensional approach to growth and innovation remains complex. Understanding how to develop efficiencies and optimise the core portfolio of a business whilst transitioning into new spaces of innovation in the future is fundamental.

     We use our 3-step value model for future proofing to allow an understanding of how this can be both designed and implemented. We demonstrate how corporate firms have used this model with success. Some of the fundamentals we discuss include:-

    • Building efficiencies and agility into the core portfolios

    • Designing of resilient and transition Strategies

    • Establishing antifragility into future value opportunities


  3. Future proofing your brand
    Join economist Dambisa Moyo as she offers her unique perspective on the opportunities for brands in the coming years. Employing a balance of contrarian thinking with measured judgment, Moyo will share economic insight to help navigate the shifts most likely to impact you and your brand.
  4. Future proofing your brand
    Marketing communications are still littered with sexist stereotypes, while products and propositions that are supposedly aimed at women fall short. Both failings are hitting reputations and revenue. Join this session to hear how women-made brands like Starling Bank and Glossier have successfully addressed the issue, and learn how you can apply the same innovative framework to what you do.
  5. Innovation

    How do two very different brands begin, maintain, and succeed in the process of innovation? This session will discuss decision-making, attitudes and approach to risk, and will also compare the challenges and successes experienced when innovating.

    More speakers to be announced soon.


  6. Innovation

    Traditional methods of customer research won’t tell you anything your competitors can’t find out – so how do you stay ahead, and how much should data dictate your ideas?

    In this session, Santander, Reckitt and Pinterest share the processes they have in place to see beyond what consumers are asking for today, to better accommodate for their needs tomorrow.



  7. Work and working

    Many of the principles of agile were adopted out of necessity during the pandemic. In this session, learn how GSK have turned this spirit into a methodology and how this has made for more nimble marketing activity and marketers.

  8. Work and working
    Sustainability is one of the biggest priorities facing us all but what is the role of marketers in helping deal with it? Join Aude Gandon, global chief marketing officer at Nestle in conversation with WFA CEO Stephan Loerke as they discuss the business opportunity from action and what it is marketers can do that will make the difference in their organisation. Gandon will also unveil what Nestle is doing to ensure its marketers have the skills required to meet the challenges ahead.
  9. Work and working

    In this session, hear how some of the world’s highest-rated brands for experience are structured to be truly customer-centric and find out how to align and organise to meet and anticipate customer needs.

How will the sessions be delivered?

Lessons from the past

Experts share their successes or failures.

How to ….

Shorter sessions that are evidence-based, practical workshops.

Consider this

A prediction of future best practice.

The alternative view

An expert challenges received wisdom.

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