2020 Agenda at a Glance

2020 Agenda at a Glance

Loaded with inspiration, learning and business potential, the 2020 Festival agenda will pack a punch! 

Get a taste for what the 2020 agenda is all about

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  1. Marketing Effectiveness Stage
    • Hear from Brands Director Kerry Chilvers on how Direct Line has created, managed, and driven brand recall through the use of characters.
    • Making the best decisions with the assets you have to capture attention and influence customers’ brand choice.
    • Recognising, understanding and using distinctive brand assets to the maximum effect.
    • Understand the best practices and mechanics to maximise your brand’s assets.
    • Direct Line’s journey with characters the likes of Robocop, The Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
  2. Marketing Week Strategy & Leadership Stage

    What are the forces that make sudden, mass behaviour changes happen? 

    What are the enduring consumer behaviour changes we can expect from the Covid19 crisis? 

    Drawing on the disciplines of behavioural science, symbolic consumption theory, complexity theory plus historical and current parallels, Helen Edwards will probe the extent to which marketers can keep one step ahead of significant consumer behaviour change. Helen will question the shibboleths of ‘behaviour theory’ such as biases and nudges and will conclude an example-rich talk with dos and don’ts for marketers ambitious to upturn consumer behaviour for the benefit of their brand. 

  3. Tech Innovation Stage
    • Best practices for aligning yourself with relevant and advantageous partners – from emergency services to new technology challenger brands to charities. 
    • Hear how tech advances can truly help vulnerable groups and how you can be a part of this. 
    • Want to make a difference in the world but not sure where to start? Learn how brands can start with small changes that can make a BIG difference with tips on balancing work, agile innovation, and the desire for social change. 
    • How authentic marketing and meaningful narratives about purposeful work builds trust in customers.
  4. Content Stage
    • It’s no secret that the modern day consumer increasingly prefers to buy products from brands and businesses which align with their own values and beliefs, with a recent study by Accenture revealing that 53% of UK consumers are ditching goods and services which don’t stand for their personal shared purpose.
    • Join Helen Warren-Piper, General Manager at Mars Petcare UK as she delves into how Mars Petcare strives to be a purpose driven business inspired to create a Better World for Pets in every choice made, every product created, and every service provided.
    • Helen will explore how you can, and should, ensure that the purpose of your business and brands is the right one, which will attract the people and consumers you want. 
    • Drawing on case studies from her whole career Helen will explain how businesses come to find the right purpose for them, including how Mars Petcare made the decision to fight for a Better World for Pets. 
    • Leave this session with a better understanding of the changing consumer mindset and how to drive the right purpose forward.
  5. Customer Experience Stage
    • This session will cover the need for Customer Journey Mapping, and how to develop effective customer journey maps.
    • Drawn from Econsultancy’s industry-leading reports, this session will examine the state of Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) and offer guidance for marketers on how to plan and implement CJM.
    • Learn what role segmentation and personas play in CJM.
  6. Tech Innovation Stage
    • As AI has erupted - and disrupted - online marketing, learn how much difference AI can make to your brand. 
    • How AI helps you understand big data, aid in decision-making, customer targeting, and help predict customer behavior. 
    • An exclusive look at Mastercard’s thought leadership on how AI can positively impact decision-making in online marketing.
  7. Marketing Effectiveness Stage
    •  This session will bring LIDL, TSB and Paddy Power Betfair together to discuss their marketing effectiveness strategies and practices. Learn about the habits that marketers should adopt and those they should avoid altogether. 
    •  How data can inform and improve creativity and effectiveness, by directing marketing teams to the most useful insights. 
    •  Econometrics – used for long-term of short-term measurement? Hear what has and hasn’t worked for LIDL, TSB, Paddy Power Betfair and Direct Line Group. 
    •  Explore the best balance of data use for future-planning. With data only enabling us to look back and predict, does this decrease the effectiveness and usefulness of data?
  8. Data & Insight Stage

    • The capability to influence your customers’ behaviour by taking them on an emotional journey lies at the very heart of marketing.
    • Learn how to combine data, creativity and emotional intelligence to build true insights about your customers and nurture relationships that last through both times of success and strain.
    • How to leverage emotional intelligence as a driver of strategy and identify it as a monetizable asset with economic benefit that can contribute to improved brand performance.
    • Find out how and why it's now paramount to embed emotional understanding into relationships that go beyond data intelligence, and to create campaigns that understand customers on an emotional level.
    • Tools and insights that are applicable to all business sizes and sectors.

  9. Content Stage
    • In this session, find out how to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract a clearly defined audience.
    • Find out the best platform to be using for your target audiences and learn top tips for creating quality content for each.
    • Building sustainable trust in current and new audiences across the globe.
    • With change happening so rapidly, how can you tell which content marketing will cut through the noise? And how do you always remain relevant, no matter the circumstance. 
    • Achieving big things on a small budget, and learn about why content is king during times of crisis and uncertainty.
  10. Social & Influencer Marketing Stage
    • Rupert Bedell will share his five lessons on how social media tools can be used to maximise B2B lead generation.
    • Test methodologies on social media - what worked and what didn’t, and the importance of being agile with your social strategy 
    • Hear how American Express evolved their social media approach in response to the recent pandemic
    • How you can generate a significant acceleration of leads through Facebook and other social media platforms.
    • Learn about the value of bringing content to the marketing and sales journey.
  11. Content Stage

    • Essity’s Martina Poulopati-Gerhard shares how a mainstream brand can use its scale to lead change in a category stuck in the past and a society afraid of women’s bodies.
    • How content can be and has been used to normalise ‘taboo’ topics and empower people way beyond the category, with a ripple effect in the industry and in culture.
    • How living the brand ethos means bringing bravery to work every day, in every decision you make. 



  12. Marketing Effectiveness Stage

    • Heathrow’s Head of Media Jo Roberts shares her experiences and tips on how to recruit and build an agile and adaptable team fit for working in a fast-paced and unforgiving environment. 
    • How to train your team to be more than channel experts, becoming fluent in politics, internal & external thinking, and building resilience as a coherent unit.
    • From environmental protests to the COVID-19 pandemic, hear how Heathrow has dealt with and overcome local, regional and global demands.
    • In a 24/7, 365 days a year operational and political business, how can leaders avoid burnout?

  13. Realising Your Potential Stage

    In January 2020, 10 senior marketing leaders embarked on a journey to learn the art of improvised comedy in just 8 weeks with the aim to put on a one off, one of a kind show to raise money for Comic Relief.
    • Hear about their journey and how they helped raise over £30k in a sell-out show that proved that marketers really can be creative and spontaneous under pressure.
    • Building up soft skills like body language, storytelling, effective communication and team building can all help you develop as a marketer and individual. Join senior marketers Peter Markey, Maria Sebastian, Tony Miller and Paul Davies to hear about their experiences, with a few laughs on the way.
    • In this session you’ll learn how improv skills can boost your marketing skills, creativity and overall confidence.

  14. Marketing Effectiveness Stage
    •  Learn how traditionally B2C marketing platforms such as outdoor, radio and video can work for B2B businesses.
    •  Global Brand Director Annabel Venner shares how to track value and measure the effectiveness of targeting specific smaller audiences.
    •  How to build a B2B brand into a household name.
    •  How Hiscox gets creative with its marketing by diversifying from standard lines of business.
  15. Trends & Behaviours Stage

    • Launching in a new market is one of the biggest challenges in marketing. With nuances in messaging, market knowledge and government regulations, where do you even start? 
    • Understand the skills required of teams looking to expand into new markets after a global crisis and during economic downturn, from resilience and working under pressure to innovating and embracing new ways of working. 
    • In this session, explore how to identify a new market need and establish a go-to-market strategy, while also identifying the brand localisations that may be required. Discover how different economies cope with economic slowdowns and why it's still important to expand your brand despite this. 
    • Case studies into how to harness word of mouth, unlock cultural differences in new locations, and learning what to avoid. 
    • How to retain the same brand essence and core values whilst instilling it with the behaviours of the new target culture.


    More speakers to follow soon.

  16. Digital Stage

    In the post-cookie and GDPR compliant world, understanding how to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing has never been more important. This session will highlight what changes marketers need to be aware of and key considerations for measuring digital marketing effectiveness. 
    • What impact have changes around regulations and cookies had.
    • What measurement methods are now available to marketers and the benefits and challenges of these.
    • Hints and tips for marketers to consider.

  17. Trends & Behaviours Stage

    • Every business has high and lows, but how can you deal with seasonal imbalances efficiently? Find out how these marketers mitigate fluctuations in activity and build financial muscle to absorb occasional losses.
    • Get the latest tips for analysing sales data effectively for an accurate understanding of your business’s peaks and troughs.
    • Boost agility and adjust your marketing in response to new trends and changing behaviours. 
    • How to build high-performing teams ready to deal with any eventuality.
    • Black Friday and Cyber Monday… good or bad for business?


    Speakers from easyHotel and more, to be announced shortly.

  18. Trends & Behaviours Stage

    • Hear what these leading brands are doing to deal with unprecedented disruption which is upsetting traditional ways of doing business and engaging with customers.
    • How can you continue to engage existing customers whilst effectively attracting new ones?
    • What do consumers really want and how have things changed in light of recent events?
    • Identify the best balance for investing your time and money into future-proof loyalty and engagement strategies.
    • Which loyalty and engagement strategies have proved a success? And which will be chucked into Room 101?


    Speakers to follow soon. 

  19. Realising Your Potential Stage
    • How can you find the confidence to speak up and negotiate the pay rise you deserve? 
    • CEO and Coach Nicole Soames will guide you through how to effectively prepare for negotiations.
    • Find out how to conduct industry research to support you and how to harness the power of your network.
    • Silence your inner voice of self-doubt with tools that identify why you deserve that pay rise.
    • Nicole’s session will help build confidence so you can walk into negotiations with a boost and the ability to negotiate like a pro!
  20. Marketing Effectiveness Stage
    • In this session we will uncover the key questions that measurement heads should be considering in order to generate value, from short to long term ROI all the way to reach and frequency of FB campaigns.
    • Learn which tools you need to drive marketing effectiveness and what questions they can better answer.
    • Find out where to focus your energies, balance costs and increase scalability.
  21. Realising Your Potential Stage

    According to Public Health England, the UK loses approximately 131 million days a year due to annual leave associated with mental and physical illness; having workplace wellness schemes and practices in place can help decrease this. Tackling and preventing ‘burnout’ – the state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion - is a huge factor.
    • Taking the time to engage in self-care and protecting your mental health has a direct impact on your physical health, but what does proper self-care and burnout look like? 
    • In this session, find out about wellness techniques that fit with your working day: meditation, breathing exercises, gentle exercise and much more. 
    • Learn how to recognise the signs of burnout in yourself, your team and those around you, such as anxiety, lack of sleep, feeling pressure to work longer hours and not being able to switch off. 
    • Come away with a convenient step-by-step wellbeing toolkit designed to help you realise your full potential!

  22. Realising Your Potential Stage

    • How Marketing has evolved.
    • How Marketing is being unpicked by our organisations and the C-Suite.
    • Why there is so much internal and external disruption to Marketing.
    • Why it’s actually Marketing’s fault and what Marketers can do about it to take ownership. Be the hero of the story not the villain.

  23. Trends & Behaviours Stage
    • Consumers can’t tell brands what they need to know about their decision-making, because they don’t really know…
    • In this session, join neuromarketing expert, Katie Hart, to explore the 80-85% of decision-making which is subconscious and unavailable in conventional market research.
    • Learn how we can use physiological responses to improve research results and better predict future behaviours, removing the possibility of subject influence.
    • Discover new ways to understand your audience, enabling you to provide engaging products/services and genuinely influential communications.
    • By harnessing the power of Neuromarketing, Google increased their ad revenue by $200m per year…just through adopting a different shade of blue!


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