2019 Agenda at a Glance

2019 Agenda at a Glance

Loaded with inspiration, learning and business potential, the Festival agenda packs a punch! 

Until we release the full agenda for this year, take a look at some of the confirmed sessions so far.

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  1. Tech Innovation Lab
    •  With thousands of active users upon launch, find out how easyJet’s visual search feature tapped into the next generation of travellers
    • Implementing image-recognition technology: Explore the tech trend’s challenges and opportunities that can empower your brand
    • Launching innovation to the masses: from concept to multiple market rollout, how easyJet scaled its solution for maximum impact
  2. Creative Brand Thinking
    • Does your creative work for you? Identifying the right time to reassess your partnerships and develop the model that works best for your brand
    • Listen to Shell’s Carolyn McKeever, Global Head of Downstream Marketing Communications, taking us through Shell's transformational journey and the behind the scenes decision making process
    • Change needs to come from within: Empowering global and local teams by boosting initiative and creative output
  3. Tech Innovation Lab
    • How Beamly structure themselves to embrace innovation and customer-centricity
    • Effectively using data to help understand the unmet consumer need better
    • Using technology to improve the retail experience of their brands, rather than replacing it
  4. Social & Influencer Marketing
    • Join The Roald Dahl Story Company as they journey through three approaches to transporting your traditional brand into the modern world
    •  Find out how they are delivering contemporary PR campaigns featuring beloved heritage characters.
    • Learn strategies for developing innovative partnerships as a means of reaching new audiences
    • See how The Roald Dahl Story Company are evolving their stories through in-house digital content development.
  5. Realising Your Potential
    • Understanding the challenges of workplace diversity
    • Scalable ways to build diversity within an organisation
    • How to produce meaningful strategies and create an engaged and high-performing workplace
    • Diversifying your talent acquisition and improving retention
    • Learn from the brands that have moved the conversation forward
  6. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    • Understand the current state of the sharing economy with Zipcar, OLIO and Toy Box Club, offering cheaper, simpler and more personalised services
    • Case studies for streamlining your processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency
    • Adapting in line with changing business landscapes: How can your brand embrace the changes that could be coming to your sector?
    • Why legislation is a challenge, not a barrier to collaborative consumption
    • Looking ahead at how technology will continue to facilitate the sharing of resources
  7. Content
    • Keeping your content relevant in today’s fast-paced digital world
    • How much content is enough content?
    • Driving growth through online community
    • Marketing to millennials and how things are changing
    • Measuring success of a digital campaign
  8. Creative Brand Thinking
    • Learn how small organisations can be more dynamic and agile than larger brands
    • From finding your brand voice to owning every part of the creative process, learn what these disruptors are doing to shake up the industry
    • Make a big impact on a small budget
    • Drive innovation in the industry, with great speed and creativity
  9. Realising Your Potential
    • Learn how to respond to and take ownership of the events in your life that feel out of your control
    • Develop a practical set of internal tools to create a happier, more productive self
    • Why activities like community sports can have a huge impact in your wellbeing

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10 - 11 October 2019 


The Festival of Marketing is an Xeim event. Xeim helps our clients achieve Excellence in marketing. We do this by providing all the insight, advice and connections that marketing professionals need to stand apart from their peers.


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