2019 Agenda at a Glance

2019 Agenda at a Glance

Loaded with inspiration, learning and business potential, the Festival agenda packs a punch! 

Until we release the full agenda for this year, take a look at some of the confirmed sessions so far.

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  1. Effectiveness & Data

    Historically, diamonds have had the legacy issues linked to conflict minerals and 'bad behaviour', a picture far from today’s reality of diamond mining.

    • Learn how De Beers Group and Tracr are establishing a baseline of trust within the industry by ensuring provenance, authenticity and traceability of diamonds, with the use of the Internet of Value and blockchain solutions.  
    • In today’s socially conscious world, consumers are becoming more aware of how their choices affect the world around them and understanding the authenticity and provenance of diamonds is at the forefront of consumers’ minds. Find out how Tracr meets these needs by enabling a better story to be told and help build a greater degree of trust in the entire industry.
    • Find out how De Beers Group and Tracr are working together to guarantee an increase in business efficiency via a common platform, retain value within the industry and unlock strategic value.
  2. Customer Experience
    • All businesses, big and small, will feel the pressures of a setback at some point, whether it’s a communication breakdown or shortages in stock, hindrances will always occur…
    • In succession, Kodak, TSB and KFC will open with their experiences of overcoming situations that have challenged their brand, then take to the stage for a panel discussion.
    • We will explore the pitfalls that lead to communication breakdowns and what your priorities should be in those crucial first 60 minutes
    • See how KFC, TSB and Kodak have built resilient teams internally who are readily prepared pre, during and post setback
    • Learn how realignment can make a brand stronger and how each panellist has amended strategies, stretched across new platforms and rewritten communications in response to mistakes 
  3. Personalisation
    • How can artificial intelligence be used to create a reliable service and personalised experience in e-commerce? What does the future hold for other retailers in the industry?
    • Disruptive e-tailer Thread on creating a clothes recommendation service that is currently sending over 11.7 million style suggestions every week through extensive use of AI tech
    • Head of Brand, Alex Allcott reveals: Exploring the challenges faced in introducing a personalised service in mass media, and the strategies and tactics to overcome them
  4. Realising Your Potential
    • Engage, inspire and motivate your audiences with public speaking expert, Lisa Wentz
    • Join this 35-minute professional training session to help develop the skillset needed to become a more effective speaker
    • Learn how to find grace while under pressure and present yourself in a public setting
    • Turn a fear of public speaking into an empowering experience
    • Find out what ‘increasing physical presence’ entails
  5. Social & Influencer Marketing
    • Head of Social Content, Emma Martell, reveals how offbeat humour can help you gain viral reach
    • From the award-winning #Avocard to a competition to win a toilet seat, Emma will reveal how to come up with weird ideas and get them approved
    • Why emotionally connecting with your audience doesn’t always have to involve a higher moral purpose
    • Angry people on Twitter: a survival guide
  6. Tech Innovation Lab
    • By 2050 over 80% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. This unprecedented rapid urbanisation will have a huge impact on us all; find out how to prepare for it
    • Join representatives from City Hall, PayByPhone and Transport Focus for a discussion on what the future holds for brands and consumers in cities
    • Creating the best environment for citizens: Hear how organisations, brands and local authorities exceed limitations and create solutions for ‘smart cities’
    • And until then, what can you do in the meantime? Discover the opportunities for brands in an interconnected urban world, and how to anticipate for future consumer needs
  7. Digital Transformation
    • Gucci's own story on gamification including the key components, pitfalls, roadmaps, and how to build a social reward system.
    • Hear how Gucci increased consumer engagement by 32.6% by applying the typical elements of game playing including competition, ranking lists, scoring systems, and incentives, to their marketing strategy.
    • Anders will expose the gamification tools used in an existing Gucci campaign (to be named at the Festival of Marketing!) to look at how they have built a better approach to agile strategy 
    • Delve into the effectiveness of these techniques as we look at campaign results and measure if gamification really creates results, and how.
  8. Personalisation
    • Group Head of Marketing Automation, Albert Abello Lozano describes how Treatwell moved from having multiple independent channels to a truly consolidated marketing strategy that now serves over 10 million customers across Europe every year
    • Overcoming the challenge of delivering growth to businesses through new and repeat customers, by changing consumer behaviour through demonstrating why online is better than offline
    • A cut above the rest - using data to innovate in line with customer segments, generate the best ROI and identify the most valuable moment to trigger communications
    • Embedding the concept of data and personalisation into the new global business, and how measurement and attribution plays a key role
  9. Personalisation
    • Join Neil Kirby of Bupa Global as he takes you through Bupa’s marketing evolution following a customer insights ‘deep dive’
    • Catering for a highly focused yet global audience: a localised approach from London to Dubai.
    • Discover how to be personal, yet not exclusive.
    • Bupa’s ‘Better’ campaign: Learn how a targeted approach created a 51% uplift in visits to the Bupa Global website.
  10. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    •  By 2020, Gen Z is expected to account for 40% of all customers. Join Benefit Cosmetics, Student.com, Student Universe and BETA as they reveal the most valuable engagement tools for communicating with this fast-paced and rapidly growing demographic. 
    • From working with influencers to traditional offline tools that just won’t work, we’ll identify marketing tactics that best suit the behavioural characteristics of Gen Z
    •  Find out the steps required to naturally infiltrate digital natives who see through sponsored posts and roll their eyes at ‘out of date’ social media platforms 
    • Hear how Benefit are engaging tomorrows customers not by evolving, but by remaining true to their heritage and continuing to dial up their disruptive DNA. 
    • Where should factors that influence Gen Z’s customer behaviour, such as wider economic factors and cultural preferences, be considered when executing a communications plan by? 
  11. Realising Your Potential
    • How the Movember campaign harnessed digital platforms and marketing to build a global men’s health movement of 6 million people
    • Lessons learned from extending beyond the annual ‘moustache campaign’ into alternative fundraising models including suicide prevention and cancer awareness campaigning
    • Hear how partnerships can help amplify brand capabilities as we look at Movember’s relationship with Facebook For Good, brand campaign partners and marketing automation partners
    • Digital transformation’s role in supporting Movember’s ambitious goal to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% before 2030, as the organisation broadens activities in health promotion and service delivery.
    • Last but not least, identify best practices for what you can do to create a culture of innovation in your own organisation
  12. Digital Transformation
    • Transforming access for NHS and social care professionals from over 400 services in one cohesive user experience.
    • Increasing engagement and content effectiveness by combining content thinking and CX.
    • NHS Digital handles over 3,000 patient messages a second, learn how they are making the connections more effective.
    • Redefining the relationship of better content, greater accessibility, and improved online journeys.
  13. Effectiveness & Data
    • Wowcher, Zalando and Tata Global Beverages share examples of how they have tried, tested and developed measurement strategies fit for purpose
    • Find out how to approach the short, medium and long-term financial impacts of marketing and which methods best contribute to overarching business and brand objectives
    • Hear best practices these brands have put into place for collaborating with partners and synergising the way they measure effectiveness
    • Establish how to better recognise truly high-value customers and turn data into action that drives profitable growth
    • Learn how each panellist has successfully embed a business-wide culture that promotes marketing effectiveness
  14. Creative Brand Thinking
    • Bringing at the heart of your organisation creative design thinking, from healthcare and beyond 
    • The need for a design-first approach within marketing: Why you should become a design leader within your organisation   
    • When brand building is a team game: Getting marketing, design, in-house and external creative teams to work towards the same objective - a seamless customer experience    
    • Fostering inspiration from local to global: Help teams to amplify with excellence across regions 
    • Tough legislations and cultural nuances: When restrictions can boost creativity and help you create a distinct brand voice                                                                                                                                        
  15. Creative Brand Thinking
    • Toby Horry, Brand and Content Director at TUI.com, pinpoints where marketing careers could benefit from spanning across both agency and client-side
    • How can agencies better help their clients? From building arguments for an FD rather than a CMO to understanding why media and creative agency alignment is more important than ever
    • Discover how clients can help agencies understand their business, and ways you can spend more time on the actual brief than the politics and finances
    • Blurred lines – as more clients are taking what were traditionally ‘agency tasks’ in-house, how do you make sure you’re getting it right and how as an agency should you respond?
  16. Digital Transformation
    • 2 years in the making and covering 13 countries, Head of International Media Management & Transformation Gerhard Louw shares the successes and challenges of leading a global company through transformation into an extraordinary hybrid media model.
    • Gerhard explains how to take control and transform the relationship between internal teams and technology partners, and what the future holds for Deutsche Telekom.
    • Join this session to find out why human collaboration is one of the most important components during a company-wide transformation.
  17. Personalisation
    • How data & personalisation is fuelling growth at GSK - hear from EMEA Media Director Jerry Daykin and EMEA Regional Digital Commerce Director Louise Kristensen on their experiences in optimising data-driven marketing for their customers. 
    • Unlocking the value of data through shaping an activation strategy both on and offline.
    • Personalisation can be one of the most difficult issues for large-scale companies to deal with, especially when faced with seemingly endless amounts of data. Learn when the appropriate and inappropriate times are to personalise.
    • The importance of the consumer journey – how to utilise your data to create the best consumer experience with your brand.
  18. Effectiveness & Data
    • Find out how Everton’s engagement strategy and approach to building fan loyalty has broken all previous attendance, Season Ticket sales and memberships records
    • Richard Kenyon, Director of Marketing, Communications & Community at Everton FC shares case studies of work that have contributed to growth, including insights into how the Club uses data and groups fans
    • Discover how the Club articulates values through marketing, communications and engagement strategies and the difference this makes
    • Richard will share plans for what is an exciting future for the Club and its fans and explain why no football club – and definitely not the People’s Club – should ever be referred to as a ‘brand’.
  19. Tech Innovation Lab
    • From AR and IoT, find out how Pernod Ricard is embracing the new tech landscape and encouraging trial and error
    • Staying ahead of the curve: Are tech’s opportunities for brands limitless? How can they shape the future of your brand?
    • Fostering collaboration and paving the way for tangible, measurable results: A practical guide
  20. Social & Influencer Marketing
    • Insights from The Female Lead’s in-depth study into how strong, visible female role models can be harnessed in positive ways to motivate younger generations
    • The extent to which having role models on social media can influence identity and aspiration of young people 
    • A look into where positive role model reinforcement is lacking from brands, and areas to focus on as we move forward
  21. Creative Brand Thinking
    • Learn how small organisations can be more dynamic and agile than larger brands
    • From finding your brand voice to owning every part of the creative process, learn what these disruptors are doing to shake up the industry
    • Make a big impact on a small budget
    • Drive innovation in the industry, with great speed and creativity
  22. Realising Your Potential
    • Learn about the key drivers for business success from a founding marketer of Europe's fastest growing company, Deliveroo
    • Apply learnings such as developing a niche and nailing your value proposition to your personal and professional life in order to grow at pace and scale 
    • We will look at how applying our own unicorn-horn, our "growth-mindset," to our personal selves can be the most powerful tool we have in creating the space to thrive.
    • Take time for self-reflection and come away with tangible takeaways including a snapshot of your goals and the key value you add to drive your own development forwards
    • Revisit learnings from the Festival of Marketing to create a clear list of achievable actions to make your time at the conference count
  23. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    • CMO Matt Barwell reveals the challenges of staying ahead of Britvic’s consumer trends whilst maintaining an 80-year-old company heritage
    • Behavioural and buying trends are constantly shifting - how can your consumers impact your company growth?
    • Learn how an entrenched company purpose can positively impact not just its own growth but ultimately customers’ purchasing behaviour and lifestyle
  24. Customer Experience
    • Monika Schulze, Global Head of Customer Experience at Zurich, will explore how the company successfully implemented a new customer-centric business-model, starting with their employees!
    • An inside look at Zurich’s ‘From employees to customers’ programme and how this is set to impact the future development of the brand
    • Unpick the latest CX trends and unravel best practices for convincing leadership teams of the ROI value in a positive customer experience
    • Confidence between the brand and their customers is essential, learn how you can utilise channels and internal programs to reinforce this message in your organisation
  25. Content
    • Keeping your content relevant in today’s fast-paced digital world
    • How much content is enough content?
    • Driving growth through online community
    • Marketing to millennials and how things are changing
    • Measuring success of a digital campaign
  26. Realising Your Potential
    • Find out how you can develop scalable ways to build diversity within your organisation 
    • Discover meaningful strategies each panellist has implemented to engage with and grow a high-performing workplace 
    • How you can move the conversation forward in your business, diversifying your talent acquisition and improving retention
    • Hear from senior executives about the challenges they have faced with workplace diversity
  27. Content
    • JBL Head of Marketing Simona Bara’s how-to guide for creating localised content for a large global audience, with the award-winning JBL Fright Club campaign.
    • How to translate brand values into new markets without losing your original purpose.
    • Getting the right combination of global messaging and localised ideas, without getting lost in translation.
    • Staying ahead of fast-consuming, millennial-driven customer trends in different countries.
  28. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    • Understand the current state of the sharing economy with Zipcar, OLIO and Toy Box Club, offering cheaper, simpler and more personalised services
    • Case studies for streamlining your processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency
    • Adapting in line with changing business landscapes: How can your brand embrace the changes that could be coming to your sector?
    • Why legislation is a challenge, not a barrier to collaborative consumption
    • Looking ahead at how technology will continue to facilitate the sharing of resources
  29. Social & Influencer Marketing
    • Join The Roald Dahl Story Company as they journey through three approaches to transporting your traditional brand into the modern world
    •  Find out how they are delivering contemporary PR campaigns featuring beloved heritage characters.
    • Learn strategies for developing innovative partnerships as a means of reaching new audiences
    • See how The Roald Dahl Story Company are evolving their stories through in-house digital content development.
  30. Tech Innovation Lab
    •  With thousands of active users upon launch, find out how easyJet’s visual search feature tapped into the next generation of travellers
    • Implementing image-recognition technology: Explore the tech trend’s challenges and opportunities that can empower your brand
    • Launching innovation to the masses: from concept to multiple market rollout, how easyJet scaled its solution for maximum impact
  31. Tech Innovation Lab
    • How Beamly structure themselves to embrace innovation and customer-centricity
    • Effectively using data to help understand the unmet consumer need better
    • Using technology to improve the retail experience of their brands, rather than replacing it
  32. Content
    • Learn from brands who face the challenge of marketing ‘taboo’ products yet have found creative and effective ways to shape their messaging despite societal and marketing limitations
    • How can you choose the right tone of voice and language for your brand? Find out how to work around restriction challenges by finding the best channels for your content
    • Compare regulatory differences across the world and how restrictions are evolving in the UK
    •  Looking ahead – what’s on the horizon for ‘taboo’ products? Will societal suppositions ever change?
  33. Creative Brand Thinking
    • Does your creative work for you? Identifying the right time to reassess your partnerships and develop the model that works best for your brand
    • Listen to Shell’s Carolyn McKeever, Global Head of Downstream Marketing Communications, taking us through Shell's transformational journey and the behind the scenes decision making process
    • Change needs to come from within: Empowering global and local teams by boosting initiative and creative output
  34. Realising Your Potential
    • Learn how to respond to and take ownership of the events in your life that feel out of your control
    • Develop a practical set of internal tools to create a happier, more productive self
    • Why activities like community sports can have a huge impact in your wellbeing

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