2022 March


A sweet strategy: Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission to change an industry through growing a brand

24 Mar 2022
Thursday 24 March

Tony’s Chocolonely continues to go from strength to strength. 15 years old and global revenue grew 24% in 2020-2021 taking them past the €100m mark and driven by their growth in the UK. But selling chocolate is only a means to their goal to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. 


Not afraid to take risks, the brand has generated fame, awareness, and consideration with eye-catching and sometimes controversial campaigns such as ‘Conversation Bars’ - (In)Justice, (In)Equality, and (In)Humanity - and the 2021 Advent Calendar with a missing chocolate to highlight the inequality in the chocolate industry.


How can brands drive this growth, and stay to true to their values? Can brands do well by doing good? Join Nicola Matthews as she details how Tony’s has become a main driver for chocolate industry and chocolate lover behaviour change.

Nicola Matthews, Countess of Cocoa / UK Marketing Manager - Tony's Chocolonelys
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