2022 March

    • 24 March 2022
    'Super Humans' at 10: How Channel 4’s campaign helped transform perceptions of disability

    The London 2012 Paralympics was the highest profile ever, not only taking part in the UK but also receiving its highest ever exposure with unprecedented commitment and coverage from Channel 4. Central to its success was the award winning Super Humans campaign, which succeeded in transforming perceptions of disability and Paralympians.

    Join one of the key architects of the 2012 Paralympics campaign, then CMO Dan Brooke and current CMO Zaid Al-Qassab to discuss the campaign’s origin story, impact and legacy.
  1. Marketing transforms brands, businesses and economies. It changes the way people think, behave and live. So why do so many of us feel apologetic about what we do?

    Join author, award-winning columnist and consultant to some of the world’s biggest brands Helen Edwards, and Cheryl Calverley - CMO turned CEO of Eve Sleep - as they detail 4 ways marketing can be transformative. And most importantly, how you can take insight, inspiration and apply it to your own role, transforming your business.

    Step out of the day-to-day tactical nuts and bolts, and join this session to be reminded about what’s possible, what’s wonderful about what we do, and how you can achieve it.

    • 24 March 2022
    A sweet strategy: Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission to change an industry through growing a brand

    Tony’s Chocolonely continues to go from strength to strength. 15 years old and global revenue grew 24% in 2020-2021 taking them past the €100m mark and driven by their growth in the UK. But selling chocolate is only a means to their goal to make 100% slave free the norm in chocolate. 


    Not afraid to take risks, the brand has generated fame, awareness, and consideration with eye-catching and sometimes controversial campaigns such as ‘Conversation Bars’ - (In)Justice, (In)Equality, and (In)Humanity - and the 2021 Advent Calendar with a missing chocolate to highlight the inequality in the chocolate industry.


    How can brands drive this growth, and stay to true to their values? Can brands do well by doing good? Join Nicola Matthews as she details how Tony’s has become a main driver for chocolate industry and chocolate lover behaviour change.

    • 24 March 2022
    Banking on brand: The inside story of Starling’s success
    Launched in 2014, Starling Bank was one of the UK’s first truly digital banks, clear in its aim to offer customers a superior experience by taking advantage of the possibility technology had afforded. Seven years on it has received several awards for its customer experience, and is said to be on the verge of an IPO. Join two of the key architects behind its success, CEO and Founder Anne Boden and Brand Director Rachel Kerrone who will detail the brand's approach to innovation, customer experience and the importance of brand and marketing in its success.
    • 24 March 2022
    Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable: How Elvie’s innovation mindset disrupted categories

    Elvie has taken the femtech industry by storm ever since its’ launch in 2013 and is going from strength to strength. Its tactics led to the business growing revenue six-fold in 2019, and then doubling in 2020 and 2021, making it one of the fastest growing UK brands, according to Deloitte.


    But how does it maintain an innovative mindset to keep driving growth? In this session CMO Aoife Nally will demonstrate how Elvie has been able to expand into multiple markets by adopting agile and flexible thinking, while also keeping the core values of the brand at its heart.


    A session for those looking for practical advice on adopting an agile approach to business and marketing.

    • 24 March 2022
    How BBC Three bounced back to become one of TV’s success stories

    When BBC Three moved online-only in 2016, the channel was faced with multiple challenges. Six years on, and with acclaimed such as Killing Eve, Fleabag, and Normal People, BBC Three has returned to UK TV screens.

    The channel’s controller, Fiona Campbell will explain how she led the channel through change and transformed its fortunes to be one of the UK’s media success stories.

    • 25 March 2022
    How successfully refocusing & upskilling your team can deliver results: Inside the marcomms overhaul that helped to drive UKTV’s most successful year

    It’s a universal question for marketing leaders – what do I need to do to adapt to change and prepare my team for the future?

    While going through a period of Covid related disruption and growth, UKTV found an imbalance in the approach and skills of its Marcomms team, with silos and entrenched ways of working getting in the way of the need for greater efficiency and effectiveness. 

    In this session Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer Simon Michaelides will reveal how UKTV has responded to change, consolidating knowledge gaps and addressing them through coaching & training, focusing on both hard & soft skills and regalvanising around its brands; contributing to 2021 being the most successful year yet for its channels, with a 6% increase in commercial market share.

    A session for those….. Looking for insight into managing disruption by fostering talent, effectively training & coaching your team and eventually developing the marketing leaders of the future.

    • 25 March 2022
    Marketing Room 101

    There is no shortage of buzzwords and bad practice in marketing, and no end of received wisdom and unqualified theory. If we are all agreed that marketing does have the power to transform what must marketers dump in order to realise the opportunity?
    This interactive session will see three marketing luminaries gather their marketing bête noires, lock them in Room 101 and throw away the key.


    More speakers to follow shortly

    • 24 March 2022
    Realising your potential: How to take control of your career

    Increasing your impact at work requires the ability to navigate change and take control of your career. 

    Join bestselling author, co-founder of career development company Amazing If and co-host of the Squiggly Careers podcast Helen Tupper as she details the mindset, skillset and toolkit you need to overcome career challenges and accelerate your opportunities for growth.

    • 25 March 2022
    Sustainability in action: Learn from the brands delivering for customer and company by doing good

    Join this panel of brands who will discuss how they are nudging customers towards a better future and delivering more compelling products and services people want, and returns others covet.

    A session for people who want practical examples of how to adopt sustainable practices that will make a difference in their brand and for their customers, and who want to take action now!

    More speakers to follow shortly