2021 VOD March


Why brands can't afford to neglect multicultural marketing

24 Mar 2021

More than 9 million people in the UK (one in six) are from an ethnic minority, and 80% of population growth comes from these communities. Yet more than two-thirds say UK media is not relevant enough to them. 

Brands need to understand that, in this context, mass marketing approaches will fail to reach a large proportion of the UK consumer base if they don't adequately consider cultural nuances. Similarly, any brand looking to reach specific communities must understand them intimately.

In this content series, comprising a speaking session at the Festival of Marketing and a by-lined thought leadership article, GottaBe! Marketing will provide exclusive insights from its own research into the attitudes and preferences of consumers from ethnic minorities. It will lay out key best practices for marketing strategies that reach them effectively. And it will explain the size of the missed opportunity if brands fail to make their marketing multicultural.

Tomasz Dyl, Managing Director - GottaBe! Marketing
Sergei Bulgakov, Marketing Lead - Skrill, Paysafe
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