2021 VOD March


Action Required: Futureproofing your digital measurement for the post-cookie era

25 Mar 2021

The open internet will lose its current basis for campaign measurement and attribution, on which advertisers and publishers alike rely to be able to assess performance and optimise their digital operations. 

So what will the future of advertising on the open internet look like? How will success be measured? And what actions do advertisers need to take now to ensure they are ready for the change ahead? 

 Quantcast is joined by the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at DFS to explore what factors will need to be considered and why identity solutions, consumer privacy, and first-party data will need to be at the heart of your contingency plans.

Allan Tinkler, Privacy and Identity Lead for EMEA - Quantcast
Catherine Woodward, Senior Digital Marketing Manager - DFS
Alex Mills, Client Partnerships Director - Quantcast
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