2021 VOD March


1999 called: it wants its search strategy back

25 Mar 2021

Your website may look better then it did 20 years ago - but does it perform any better?

On our favourite search engines, we’ve moved on from disparate keywords and random blue links. We now expect a sophisticated search experience delivering map packs, knowledge cards and direct answers, all powered by Natural Language Processing. But when customers land on your website, do they travel back through time, to an outdated search experience from 1999?

In this session, Benjamin Lickfett, Global Head of Innovation, will share how Diageo are modernising their websites and transforming the customer experience with natural language search, built for the age of AI.

 Join Yext & Diageo to explore why you need Search built for today. Not 1999.


Benjamin Lickfett, Global Head of Digital Innovation - Diageo
Jon Buss, Managing Director, EMEA - Yext
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