2019 Agenda


What's a customer-led journey - and why should I give a $@*%?

10 Oct 2019
Customer Experience Stage
  • At the Festival of Marketing, you’ll never be more than seven meters from a brand evangelizing about the need to ‘put customers at the heart’. But how many are actually delivering on the vision?
  • Wil Lynch, Head of Engagement at Thunderhead, defines the catalyst to customer-centricity: the customer-led journey
  • We’ll need a philosophical shift: from dictator to enabler.
  • So, how do we relinquish control, moving our approach to journeys from a campaign mindset to a customer-led one?
  • In this interactive session, Wil takes us on a journey of his own – doing his utmost to avoid jargon along the way.



Wil Lynch, VP, Solution Strategy and Value Consulting - Thunderhead

Festival of Marketing

5 - 9 October 2020