2018 Agenda at a Glance

2018 Agenda at a Glance

Loaded with inspiration, learning and business potential, the Festival agenda packs a punch! Have a look at last year's.

  1. Brand & Creative
    • Setting up for success: How to create an inspiring, transparent and efficient environment for your in-house team to immerse itself in and thrive from day one
    • Fostering collaboration to tackle tricky briefs: Learn how your in-house team works, so when a tough brief rears its head, it can be completed collaboratively and effectively
    • How in-house and traditional can work together: What should you expect from your in-house and external agencies? Can they work together, and if so, how can you get the best from both of them in terms of creative output and brand consideration?
    • Staying ahead of the curve: Navigate and prepare for future marketing trends
    • Support the new MarTech ecosystem, and plan so in-housing can get you a better deal
  2. Realising Your Potential
    • This informative and practical talk looks at why stress and stress-related illnesses are on the increase, and the impact our challenging and ever-changing world is having on our companies and our people
    • At PUSH, we believe that talking about stress just breeds more, well, stress! So, we like to focus on how you can overcome that by supporting the four basic human needs
    • This uplifting, engaging and energising talk will take you through some incredibly easy tools to shift you into a positive mind-set and help build your resilience
  3. Personalisation
    • Is there still power in mainstream brands and real potential for growth? 
    • Find out how Kerry Foods keeps innovating by addressing a more unified perception of different audiences and age groups 
    • Changes to the traditional bricks and mortar and the online store of the future: How to get it right 
  4. Data & Analytics
    • Rethinking the world of marketing measurement, data strategy and attribution: From Marketing Mixed Modelling (MMA) to Multi Touch Attribution (MTA)  
    • Marketer organisation structures: Competing more effectively in our ever changing consumer and technology environment 
    • Brand Safety: How to ensure your brand is safeguarded in all marketing environments whilst overseeing and protecting marketing investments
    • This session is brought to you by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) 
  5. MW Strategy & Leadership

    As marketers we know that our customers should come first. But when it comes to actually planning our marketing strategy, do we truly keep the customer at the centre of our planning, or do we find ourselves following populist media trends instead?
    Join Virgin, the Royal Mail and Rapp as we discuss how the changing customer landscape requires a return to a customer first approach to marketing.  We’ll explore;

    • What is mail’s role in a multi-media, digital driven marketing world
    • How can it be used to deliver customer focus – engagement and trust
    • Why creativity matters
    • Long term value versus short term conversion
    • How to create a lasting impression
  6. Social
    Serge DeNimes: The man behind the brand
  7. AI & Tech Innovation
    • The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing categories in eCommerce: How’s L’Oréal staying ahead and what does the future of beauty hold? 
    • AI, AR and wearables: Can new tech complement your marketing efforts? 
    • Join Stéphane Bérubé, L’Oréal’s Western Europe CMO who will take us through his cross-regional journey towards meaningful innovation 
  8. Social
    • What are the changing viewing habits of audiences? 
    • How can brands power meaningful partnerships to generate authentic, powerful and entertaining content on social and beyond?
    • Hear from TV Presenter, Patrick Aryee, as he takes you through his journey through the wildlife
  9. Realising Your Potential
    • How should brands decide on what is best for their marketing strategy, and is there any difference?
    • Hear from our expert panel of speakers about the benefits and challenges of working with influencers and celebrities
    • This session is brought to you by Talent & Brands
  10. New Session
    • Getting the advertising you deserve
    • What’s the client’s role in creative excellence? 
    • Co-creating with agencies and creativity sabotage
  11. Content
    • How has Hello Kitty ensured its continued evolution and popularity across its 44-year lifespan?
    • 'The Hello Kitty Gang': Leveraging influencers on Instagram that are genuinely passionate about the character
    • Why Hello Kitty’s content strategy has created a valuable, international pool for licensees and retailers to tap into
  12. Digital Transformation
    • B2B is the new B2C: Find out how 3M’s Industrial Business is further modernising its marketing approach to be even more data-driven and customer centric
    • Learn to embrace change management: How can you shift skills, behaviours and actions to create the cultural and organisational change needed for success? How can you integrate agile approaches with org design to drive adoption of new skills, behaviours and actions?
    • Data is the great equalizer: Hear how 3M measures results and shares progress with teams to garner even greater organisational buy-in
  13. AI & Tech Innovation
    • Listen to Spoon Guru’s study findings, revealing how AI can accurately recommend personalised food options 
    • What are the dietary trends spotted by AI?
    • Why AI is a game changer in the grocery/healthcare/retail sector and why should your brand take notice! 
  14. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    • Find out how new tools and innovative thinking in research are transforming NHS Blood and Transplant’s marketing strategy
    • #Imthere campaign: Learnings from behavioural science around positive messaging 
    • Why should your messaging take into consideration cultural nuances and adapt accordingly for maximum impact?
  15. Customer Experience
    • How Tesco help the modern consumer by providing product information, or reformulated products and better inspiration 
    • How Tesco can use strategic partnerships to reach more customers in a more relevant way 
    • The iconic Clubcard: How a loyalty scheme can be incorporated into all aspects of brand service
  16. Social
    • How modern travel brand Away approaches brand marketing, with storytelling as the driver, to build a brand people love
    • How Away approaches social content, brand partnerships, and experiential to bring the brand to life
    • How Away has taken a new approach to physical, viewing its stores as more than just a place to sell luggage, but to inspire people to plan their next trip
    • What legacy brands and traditional retailers can learn from Away's approach to brand storytelling and innovative marketing strategies
  17. Personalisation
    • Find out how MoneySuperMarket is taking personalisation to the next level as part of its re:Invent strategy
    • How to deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channel and device - and track the results
    • Balancing optimisation with compliance: GDPR and beyond
    • Creating value for customers and partners: When is the right time to invest in teams and tech? 
  18. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    • The Harry’s Masculinity Report: How Harry’s is listening to British men and redefining what a grooming brand should stand for
    • Hyper-targeting: Why understanding your audience’s values can lead to social change and bring results
    • 'A Man Like You’ campaign: Breaking traditional stereotypes whilst leveraging powerful insights 
  19. AI & Tech Innovation
    • Exploring cost effective solutions to engage with consumers: The role of VR, DOOH and interactive video avoiding FOMO 
    • A journey into the future: Bringing your brand to life through new tech 
    • The importance of neuro testing before design: Test driving your campaign before launch 
  20. Social
    • Reaching 1m views on YouTube and 60k followers on Instagram, find out how Equinox Fitness Clubs are leading with content  
    • How Equinox launch globally leading fitness experiences by integrating social and experiential
    • Lessons from the wellness industry: Member engagement and acquisition 
    • Leveraging team and influencer networks to maximise reach
  21. Content
    • How to shift brand perceptions with a multi-channel, striking visual campaign
    • Prompting customer loyalty in the age of mistrust
    • Restyling E.ON as a lifestyle partner and measuring campaign success 
    • How can brands feed data insights into their content marketing strategies?
  22. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    • Join Influencer Intelligence as they discuss and debate the future of influencer marketing
    • What brands need to know to have successful, authentic influencer-led collaborations
    • Future trends: What should your 2019 plan look like?
    • Influencer Intelligence will also present a Puma x Selena Gomez case study showcasing the power of influencer marketing

  23. Realising Your Potential
    • Join the Step Up Club in this confidence-building session; the audience will be given the key tips and tricks to achieve maximum recognition at their work place
    • How can you negotiate your salary and keep motivation levels high in times of uncertainty?
    • Find out how to tap into your own marketing skillset and expertise to boost 'Brand Me’
  24. Content
    • Experimenting with social media and media partnerships to emphasize the value of individual products: Finding what works best for your brand
    • The return of the Captain: Why brands should consider revitalizing historic brand assets
    • Tapping into contemporary, cross-generational market trends
  25. Personalisation
    • How Tails.com have engendered customer trust through their personalised service: 'Food as unique as your dog'
    • Ensuring customer loyalty through convenience: Online subscription, delivery service and wellbeing advice
    • Personalisation shouldn’t be difficult: How can challenger brands maintain a personalised service as their business scales up?
  26. Social
    • How can brands coordinate and ally a UK-centric social campaign with a broader global initiative?
    • Children On The Move: Breaking down migration stereotypes in order to connect emotionally with refugee and migrant children and feel compelled to act and donate to support them 
    • The 'supporter journey': How UNICEF use social media effectively to distribute content and engage with supporters 
    • Find out what the key engagement and conversion metrics were that made this campaign a success
  27. Social
    • 'Layover with a local': Making travel more fun, and bringing people closer together, through social media
    • Why KLM invests heavily in automation technologies, such as AI, to remain famously personal
    • How KLM’s social media agents manage interactions in ten languages, across seven platforms
    • How KLM has established customer trust over social media, in an industry where security is paramount
  28. Realising Your Potential
    • Male stereotypes and emotional support: Why now is the time to break the taboos! 
    • Find out the steps you need to take to encourage conversations about mental health in the workplace and take care of your own wellbeing 

    Listen to the experts:

    • Royal Mail’s Global Director or Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability Dr Shaun Davis and co-author of 'Positive Male Mind’
    • How can tech accommodate emotional support and have a positive impact? Learnings from the chatbot Shim and +100k conversations with users
  29. Personalisation
    • How can big brands become more human and accessible with authentic, employee-led content
    • Leveraging technological innovation, such as AR and VR, to empower and engage each employee through storytelling
    • What marketers can do to measure the success of a personalised employer brand
  30. Digital Transformation
    • 'Commercialising the enablers': How Barclaycard quantify which upcoming digital innovations will offer greatest ROI
    • The shift in required skills: From pure content management to optimisation of the broader digital platform
    • Driving Barclaycard’s online performance enhancement strategy, for the benefit of both employees and customers
    • How have Barclaycard thus made digital viewability and engagement a team priority?

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