2018 Agenda at a Glance

Loaded with inspiration, learning and business potential, the Festival agenda packs a punch!

You will find regular content drops on sessions and speakers here and the complete 2018 agenda will be announced later in the year.
  1. New Session
    • Find out how MoneySuperMarket is taking personalisation to the next level as part of its re:Invent strategy
    • How to deliver the right message, at the right time, via the right channel and device - and track the results
    • Balancing optimisation with compliance: GDPR and beyond
    • Creating value for customers and partners: When is the right time to invest in teams and tech? 
  2. Brand & Creative
    • Exploring body positivity and advertising’s power for change with Grace Victory
    • Real women, real bodies: Why should brands be celebrating realism in advertising? 
  3. Social
    • Listen to the Marketing Week Masters 2017 Market Disruptor winner: The luxury lingerie brand’s journey from zero social media ads to making social the prime focus
    • “The Tween Collection” and “Curvy Sweetie”: How Cosabella created bra-fit social community campaigns around extended sizes
    • Find out the mechanics of the social campaigns that helped the brand discover lucrative new segments
    • How AI helped the brand explore over 35k first-party data variables and measure 300% ROI
  4. Content
    • How can brands successfully expand an inbound, cross-regional content marketing strategy?
    • Creating relevant content streams for both B2B and B2C customers: Challenges and best practices
    • Zipcar’s strategy for breaking down pre-existing perceptions around car rental, and creating shared value between their members
  5. Customer Experience
    • How Tesco help the modern consumer by providing product information, or reformulated products and better inspiration 
    • How Tesco can use strategic partnerships to reach more customers in a more relevant way 
    • The iconic Clubcard: How a loyalty scheme can be incorporated into all aspects of brand service
  6. Social
    • How modern travel brand Away approaches brand marketing, with storytelling as the driver, to build a brand people love
    • How Away approaches social content, brand partnerships, and experiential to bring the brand to life
    • How Away has taken a new approach to physical, viewing its stores as more than just a place to sell luggage, but to inspire people to plan their next trip
    • What legacy brands and traditional retailers can learn from Away's approach to brand storytelling and innovative marketing strategies
  7. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    • The Harry’s Masculinity Report: How Harry’s is listening to British men and redefining what a grooming brand should stand for
    • Hyper-targeting: Why understanding your audience’s values can lead to social change and bring results
    • ‘A Man Like You’ campaign: Breaking traditional stereotypes whilst leveraging powerful insights 
  8. Social
    • Reaching 1m views on YouTube and 60k followers on Instagram, find out how Equinox Fitness Clubs are leading with content  
    • How Equinox launch globally leading fitness experiences by integrating social and experiential
    • Lessons from the wellness industry: Member engagement and acquisition 
    • Leveraging team and influencer networks to maximise reach
  9. Insight & Marketing Intelligence
    • Join Celebrity Intelligence as they reveal the learnings from the latest research report ‘Influencing Beauty’
    • What brands need to know: the new success metrics for influencer and celebrity-led campaigns
    • Future trends: How has AI and new tech disrupted the beauty sector? What should your five-year plan look like?
    • How celebrities compare with social influencers for beauty brands
  10. Content

    • How to shift brand perceptions with a multi-channel, striking visual campaign
    • Prompting customer loyalty in the age of mistrust
    • Restyling E.ON as a lifestyle partner and measuring campaign success 
    • How can brands feed data insights into their content marketing strategies?

  11. Realising Your Potential
    • Join the Step Up Club in this confidence-building session; the audience will be given the key tips and tricks to achieve maximum recognition at their work place
    • How can you negotiate your salary and keep motivation levels high in times of uncertainty?
    • Find out how to tap into your own marketing skillset and expertise to boost ‘Brand Me’
  12. Content
    • Experimenting with social media and media partnerships to emphasize the value of individual products: Finding what works best for your brand
    • The return of the Captain: Why brands should consider revitalizing historic brand assets
    • Tapping into contemporary, cross-generational market trends
  13. Social
    • How can brands coordinate and ally a UK-centric social campaign with a broader global initiative?
    • Children On The Move: Breaking down migration stereotypes in order to connect emotionally with refugee and migrant children and feel compelled to act and donate to support them 
    • The “supporter journey”: How UNICEF use social media effectively to distribute content and engage with supporters 
    • Find out what the key engagement and conversion metrics were that made this campaign a success
  14. Social

    • “Layover with a local”: Making travel more fun, and bringing people closer together, through social media
    • Why KLM invests heavily in automation technologies, such as AI, to remain famously personal
    • How KLM’s social media agents manage interactions in ten languages, across seven platforms
    • How KLM has established customer trust over social media, in an industry where security is paramount

  15. Personalisation

    • How can big brands become more human and accessible with authentic, employee-led content
    • Leveraging technological innovation, such as AR and VR, to empower and engage each employee through storytelling
    • What marketers can do to measure the success of a personalised employer brand

  16. Digital Transformation

    • “Commercialising the enablers”: How Barclaycard quantify which upcoming digital innovations will offer greatest ROI
    • The shift in required skills: From pure content management to optimisation of the broader digital platform
    • Driving Barclaycard’s online performance enhancement strategy, for the benefit of both employees and customers
    • How have Barclaycard thus made digital viewability and engagement a team priority?

  17. Personalisation

    • Establishing AXA as a lifetime “partner” to the customer, through personalising digital interactions
    • Tailoring policy products according to customer data on condition, lifestyle and history
    • How can companies allow customers to manage policies, claims and interactions online?
    • New technology: How AXA help individual customers to understand general health, fitness and care requirements

  18. Customer Experience

    • When experience meets design: Maintaining experience standards across the hostel, from the website to the rooms
    • How a pre-onboarding process optimises customer experience from the moment that guests book
    • Community creation: how can brands use mobile applications to connect customers on a social level?
    • Why building relationships with local businesses can help brands to craft an authentic customer experience in new markets

  19. Digital Transformation

    • Find out how the MET office is paving the way for its digital transformation journey while faced with fierce competition 
    • How do you get senior management buy-in and ensure all teams support your DT strategies?
    • Taking action: In this practical session, hear how tactics, measurable KPIs and internal confidence are imperative to digital success!

  20. Customer Experience

    • “Aspiring adventurers”: characterising and understanding the contemporary customer to construct personalised content
    • Tailoring multichannel communications including sales, offers, newsletters, transactions, booking confirmations and so on
    • Modifying internal processes of segmentation, creative, search, fulfilment and workflow management through new digital initiatives
    • What lessons did Virgin Holidays learn from reorganising legacy data and centralising customer communication functions?

  21. AI & Tech Innovation

    • Meet TOBI: The first ever live chatbot in UK telecoms bringing online sales up by 50% 
    • Reimagining the future of retail: Could your customer services, online shop and inventory be fully operated by a bot?
    • Listen to Vodafone’s Head of Digital on how brands should be leading innovation from within 

  22. Realising Your Potential

    • Whilst flexible working, gender equality, the gender pay gap and the ‘mum economy’ are making headlines almost every day and form the key focus of many reports, a practical solution to these hot topics is consistently being missed. Could the solution lie in looking at what makes a happy mum?
    • Part of the Mum's Enterprise ‘Happiness Project’, 'Career Woman to Working Mum' is a thought provoking and sensitive report produced from over 1000 respondents 
    • Hear the insightful key findings about the fears, motivations, aspirations and what we as mums desire to feel fulfilled and happy in our working lives
    • Inspirational women who have overcome personal struggles will share their stories on stage and give their take on how to take charge of your own destiny to succeed both personally and professionally

  23. Customer Experience
    • Why should brands focus on accessibility and design while building their online customer journeys?
    • Find out how Octopus Energy's focus on inclusivity creates a better online experience for all customer needs including those with disabilities
    • Hear how challenger brands in the utility sector are investing in new tech to engage with customers in more effective and meaningful ways
  24. Data & Analytics

    • How have customer data insights helped to personalise lastminute.com’s e-commerce capabilities?
    • The “audience booster”: Building on lastminute.com’s existing data management platform
    • In an industry where customer requirements change seasonally, how can data analytics inform marketing strategy?
    • In light of GDPR, what impact will machine learning have on lastminute.com’s future data strategy?

  25. Insight & Marketing Intelligence

    • Eliminating fear of judgement: Find out how Sports England responds to the challenge 
    • Marketing with purpose: Brand building through authenticity and accountability
    • Working effectively with agencies and setting expectations: From brief to execution, why brands need to listen and adapt to the ever-changing media landscape  

  26. Data & Analytics
    • How does Indeed process 25 terabytes each week to provide interpretable, actionable and measurable customer insights?
    • With 76.4% full-time employment in the UK, how are candidates searching for jobs in the present day?
    • Which customers have the most candidate-centric approach and propel Indeed brand awareness on both sides of the Atlantic?
  27. Content

    • Breaking into a crowded social media landscape against better-resourced brands, with a unique content strategy
    • How can SMEs translate data insights into a relevant stream of content?
    • Understanding how to interact with your initial adopters efficiently, but with a human manner
    • How SMEs should set realistic growth targets, in terms of content reach and engagement

  28. Realising Your Potential

    • How can you use your marketing knowledge to empower others and work on projects that inspire social change?
    • Hear from the champions of inspirational personal initiatives that will encourage you to leave the office ready to make a difference in your community and beyond  

  29. Data & Analytics

    • Data-driven engagement strategy: Interacting successfully with global supporters through both traditional and new media channels
    • Interpreting supporters’ engagement statistics to gain a lifelong brand affinity 
    • Tapping into new cultural trends in digital sports marketing
    • The importance of data storytelling during big commercial changes to drive fan growth
    • Expanding digital presence through producing more focused and data-driven approach  

  30. Customer Experience

    • River Island’s strategy for making the purchase process as seamless as possible
    • Creating the in-store experience with a team of passionate fashion experts
    • How can brands inspire their audience to transmit their message for them?
    • Why River Island’s flatter hierarchy ensures that the voice of employees permeates through the customer experience

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