Festival of Marketing, 5-6 October

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30tWe have some exciting news to share!

This year Econsultancy has teamed up with Marketing Week to give you an awards that will expand your horizons, blow your mind and leave you wanting more.

Introducing The Masters of Marketing - the new awards born out of the fusion of The Digitals and the Marketing Week Engage Awards.

Going beyond marketing and digital excellence, The Masters add creativity and innovation to effectiveness to set the new standards for the marketing industry.

With the work at the heart of the awards, The Masters will bring to life the 46 categories of marketing mastery through pop-up ceremonies, surprise hosts and inspiring stories at the Festival of Marketing - infusing the whole experience with celebration, excitement and anticipation.

Mark your calendars and find out more:

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and don't forget to get your entries in by the 30th of September!

The Econsultancy Team

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