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  1. New Session
    • Building a brand based on transparency and integrity
    • Hiring people who believe in the mission: the importance of shared values for success
    • Working in autonomous teams: everyone is accountable and decisions stay close to the customer, allowing everyone to truly make an impact within the company
    • This autonomy means TransferWise can continue at the speed of a startup - we’ve gone from a couple of people to 700 in 6 years
  2. Brand & Creative
    • Why having a background in digital has proved so useful when updating one of the UK’s oldest and best-known brands
    • How new digital and design concepts are being used to grow business and change the perception that Fortnum’s is just for Christmas
    • How digital and design teams work together to ensure a more singular voice for Fortnum’s
    • What to expect from the brand’s design future
  3. Realising Your Potential
    • WHY digital nomad is the ugly sister of a travelling CEO
    • How to manage your company from anywhere you want
    • You cannot “have it all” - but you can have more than you think
    • Mindset is more important than distance
    • Technology is a trampoline – not prison, but also not a solution to all the world’s problems
  4. Personalisation
    • With colossal growth of mobile shopping, how can mobiles drive in-store purchases?
    • How can you use the location of your customer to impact their behaviour?
    • What impact do offers have on spend, frequency of visits and time spent in store?
    • How do you make in-store messaging an asset to drive engagement, spend and brand loyalty?
  5. Social
    • Why establishing a culture of BEING social - not just doing social?
    • Social selling – and why it’s not just about your sales teams
    • How to overcome common push-backs and excuses
    • Strategic pillars of creating a global employee advocacy program
    • Scaling and tracking your efforts – what are the tools in the market?
  6. Headliner
    Jo Malone headlines the Festival
  7. Realising Your Potential
    • #FlexAppeal – fighting for flexible hours for working parents
    • Putting people above business, for business benefit
    • Why saying yes to flexible hours for your employees can help you make more money
    • How you can join the fight
  8. Insight
    • How can agency teams help generate more of a shift?
    • The fact that the disability market is expanding & why it’s worth investing in
    • What incentivised LBG and Mars to invest more readily in disabled consumers & what have they actually done?
    • What needs to happen within organisations for marketing teams to promote inclusion
  9. Programmatic
    • How not to get too caught up in data
    • Create the content, the environment then add programmatic to push it
    • Video content and programmatic how to intertwine the two
    • How to make your programmatic banners actually speak to the audience!
  10. Realising Your Potential
    Russell Parsons interviews Adrian Simon on his story as told in Milk Blood – the ultimate tale of reinvention. Join this session to find inspiration on how to:
    • Overcome the odds through resilience and true grit
    • Break free from social and family pressures
    • Find your own voice and an ability to self-express
    • Step outside the box to change your attitude towards life
    • Develop a passion to live by your own terms
  11. Content
    • How to maximise the success of your campaign using comedy?
    • Length, subject, casting; how all three affect your target audience uptake
    • The age of brands providing briefs is over; it's time to let the platform take control
  12. AI
    • A brief history of bots
    • Subservient robots, augmented lives
    • IoT and AI, moving on from party tricks
    • Robotic companionship, from wearables to liveable
    • 20 tweets from stardom, what to do when your robot gets famous
  13. Brand & Creative
    • Sam Bompas, studio co-founder, will host a full and frank expose on Bompas & Parr’s approach to sensory creativity and punctuated spectacle, enlivened with tasters for your experienced palate from the studio’s kitchen
    • Bompas & Parr’s sensorial secrets gleaned working on projects for the likes of Coca-Cola, Johnnie Walker & Mercedes as well as cultural institutions such as The Barbican & San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    • Ten years’ experience on creating a compelling experience distilled into a swift thirty minutes; the session will cover countless strange and unusual stories about how your senses work




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