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  1. Social
    • Exploring the role of ‘organic reach’ & engagement
    • Which measurement numbers can and cannot be trusted
    • How to make truly impactful content, and when not to post
    • Do marketers have anything to fear from ‘dark social’
  2. Brand & Creative
    • How an idea people once scoffed at has taken the drinks sector by storm
    • The unexpected secrets to creating a brand new category
    • The importance of purpose over product
    • The role of design in changing consumer perceptions and cultivating new behaviours
    • A chance to taste (tee)totally delicious Seedlip!
  3. Customer Experience
    • When short term customer engagement strategies focus on keeping the brand relevant, how do you ensure long-term loyalty?
    • Working in a co-op: offering a shared purpose to achieve superb customer service
    • How to gain partners and customers for life
    • The need for constant innovation and risk taking: how to manage high customer expectations across multiple touchpoints
  4. Realising Your Potential
    •    The neuro-diversity imperative
    •    Turning perceived disadvantages into USPs
    •    The commercial legitimacy for pursuing a wellness agenda
  5. Brand & Creative
    • Why are in-house creative departments becoming more common?
    • What are the challenges they face in relation to the rest of the business?
    • What are the best ways to build creativity into company cultures which aren’t necessarily creatively led?
  6. New Session
    • Behind the scenes with Treatwell’s CRM programme: Starting from scratch and scaling internationally 
    • Existing tools, big results: Using data to improve the customer experience
    • User generated content: Don’t underestimate the power of customer reviews
  7. Data & Analytics
    • Getting Granular: Understanding how to leverage your data & analytics tools on a mobile-first business
    • Vanity Metrics: Learn how to look beyond the vanity metrics and focus on adding real lifetime value
    • Channel Attribution: Which channels and how to track to build scale & growth
  8. Insight
    • How are insights driven not just from research data but also by working closely with the underwriting and pricing teams to provide rich and actionable data
    • Lessons from Hiscox’s approach: from brief to implementation
    • Challenging conventions in the financial services market: moving away from the fear factor
    • How to make your message resonate with local cultures:  the advertising campaigns in the UK ‘In Pursuit of Progress’ and the USA  ‘Encourage Courage’ platform and ‘I’mpossible’ campaign
  9. AI
    • Evolution of automation and social media
    • Using bots to compliment the customer service team
    • Managing demand so you can invest more time handling complex queries
    • Practical automation you can setup for free today
    • Using AI and future opportunities to engage customers
  10. Customer Experience
    • The evolution from Customer Relationship Management to Customer Experience Management; real-time data and targeted personalisation
    • How a single customer view can help you create an effective multi-channel strategy
    • Data, Marketing, Insights and Innovation – how to reach true integration
  11. Multichannel
    • How to rebrand an 80-year-old brand for digital relevancy
    • Applying traditions to modern platforms; the benefits and the pitfalls
    • What does an App, YouTube and Popjam have in common with Dennis the Menace?
  12. Digital Transformation
    • Transform your business by investing in open innovation that goes beyond tech
    • How can the convergence of innovation, tech and creativity impact ROI and help deliver projects that matter
    • How to create a risk-taking environment that encourages learning by trial and error
  13. Insight
    • Learn how The AA are using strategic insight as a tool for brand transformation, with particular focus on:
    o Attitude based audience segmentation and getting to brilliant insight
    o 5 lessons we learnt from political messaging
    o Transformational comms - breaking a 100-year-old mould
    o New product development to drive brand perceptions
  14. Customer Experience
    • You're more likely to get divorced than change your bank account - why?  Maybe because your bank doesn't actually help solve your money problems
    • Banking is being unbundled.  Innovative Fintechs are creating solutions to everyday money problems, and they are building their businesses on customer advocacy not marketing £££
    • How the perfect storm of technology, competition and a generational shift in attitudes to money is shaking-up the banking sector
  15. Brand & Creative
    • Sam Bompas, studio co-founder, will host a full and frank expose on Bompas & Parr’s approach to sensory creativity and punctuated spectacle, enlivened with tasters for your experienced palate from the studio’s kitchen
    • Bompas & Parr’s sensorial secrets gleaned working on projects for the likes of Coca-Cola, Johnnie Walker & Mercedes as well as cultural institutions such as The Barbican & San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
    • Ten years’ experience on creating a compelling experience distilled into a swift thirty minutes; the session will cover countless strange and unusual stories about how your senses work
  16. Brand & Creative
    • Why having a background in digital has proved so useful when updating one of the UK’s oldest and best-known brands
    • How new digital and design concepts are being used to grow business and change the perception that Fortnum’s is just for Christmas
    • How digital and design teams work together to ensure a more singular voice for Fortnum’s
    • What to expect from the brand’s design future
  17. Insight
    • Building a brand based on transparency and integrity
    • Believing in the mission: the importance of shared values for success
    • Effective scaling: How to grow from a couple of people to 700 globally in 6 years
  18. Insight
    • ​​​​How is the disability market expanding and why it’s worth investing in
    • How can organisations encourage change and support marketing teams in promoting inclusion
    • What incentivises some of the biggest marketing budget holders invest more readily in disabled consumers
    • How can agency teams help generate a shift
    • Common mistakes in CX design: are good intentions enough?


    *The Return on Disability Report 2016

    This panel is presented in partnership with Think Designable, which works to better society’s relationship with disability and challenges brands to offer more inclusive products and services.

  19. Personalisation
    • With colossal growth of mobile shopping, how can mobiles drive in-store purchases?
    • How can you use the location of your customer to impact their behaviour?
    • What impact do offers have on spend, frequency of visits and time spent in store?
    • How do you make in-store messaging an asset to drive engagement, spend and brand loyalty?
  20. Social
    • Why should you establish a culture of BEING social - not just doing social?
    •  Social selling – why it’s not just your sales teams job to sell
    •  How to overcome common push-backs for promoting internal social content generation
    •  Key strategies for creating a global employee advocacy program
    •  Scaling and tracking your social efforts –the tools to consider in the market?
  21. Realising Your Potential
    • #FlexAppeal – fighting for flexible hours for working parents
    • Putting people above business, for business benefit
    • Why saying yes to flexible hours for your employees can help you make more money
    • How you can join the fight
  22. Realising Your Potential
    • Why digital nomad is the ugly sister of a travelling CEO
    • How to manage your company from anywhere you want
    • You cannot “have it all” - but you can have more than you think
    • Mindset is more important than distance
    • Technology is a trampoline – not a prison, but also not a solution to all the world’s problems
  23. Programmatic
    • How not to get too caught up in data
    • Create the content, the environment, then add programmatic to push it
    • Video content and programmatic how to intertwine the two
    • How to make your programmatic banners actually speak to the audience!
  24. Realising Your Potential
    Russell Parsons interviews Adrian Simon on his story as told in Milk Blood – the ultimate tale of reinvention. Join this session to find inspiration on how to:
    • Overcome the odds through resilience and true grit
    • Break free from social and family pressures
    • Find your own voice and an ability to self-express
    • Step outside the box to change your attitude towards life
    • Develop a passion to live by your own terms
  25. Content
    • Can you maximise the success of your campaign using comedy?
    • Length, subject, casting; how all three affect your target audience's uptake
    • The age of brands providing briefs is over; it's time to let the platform take control
  26. AI
    • Let's start with a brief history of bots
    • How subservient robots can equal truly augmented lives
    • IoT and AI, moving on from party tricks
    • Robotic companionship, from wearables to liveable
    • 20 tweets from stardom, what to do when your robot gets famous




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