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  1. Social
    adidas' dark social squads: The new influencer marketing?
  2. Content
    • Coffee sobers you up right? Chewing Gum takes 10 years to leave your body? How about you can’t hear 3D?
    • Repeat a truism enough and people will believe it, and in an industry based on telling a good yarn it’s no wonder we can sometimes fall foul of a good piece of spin
    • Join us we look at what’s true, what’s not, why you can’t see the Great Wall of China from space and the cold hard facts around marketing with music and audio
    • Warning – Involves blindfolds and wild animals
  3. Realising Your Potential
    • How Union Hand-Roasted Coffee hope to make a genuine positive impact on the world by turning the coffee production industry on its head
    • Understanding the meaning of true sustainable development, and the impact it has on creating value for the customer
    • Exploring the concept of Union Direct Trade – combining a higher quality product for consumer with fairer prices for producers
    • Understanding your true supply chain
    • Is it possible to expand and grow your business while maintaining integrity?
  4. Content
    • In the world of digital noise we are in, it’s hard to recognise truthful and credible content, yet that’s what consumers engage with and respond best to
    • Brands now need to understand the power of the truth in their consumer marketing strategies in order to keep up
    • As brands grow, can they remain truthful? How?
    • From raw truth to polished truth, which one is most relevant? Does it actually matters at all to consumers as long as the story is good?
  5. Brand & Creative
    • The success story of the reset strategy of Cosmopolitan a year in
    • How a change in marketing and distribution strategy has led to a brand growth across all platforms, and to become #1 UK young women magazine
  6. Digital Transformation
    • Is it possible to be digitally nimble when you have 30 million customers?
    • Implementing a test and learn approach to lead digital disruption
    • Using tech to deliver a more human and relevant experience
    • Driving human centred thinking born out of real world customer insight
  7. Personalisation
    • Equipment - DJs need the right equipment and training
    • Gaining Traction – People don’t know, what they don’t know
    • Technical Content – Be willing to share, know how to say no
  8. B2B
    •  An organisation with a diverse range of employees is well placed to understand the needs of a wide range of customers, but what actions can you take to ensure your organisation is diverse?
    •   Is positive discrimination an unfortunate necessity to ensure that a diverse workforce becomes the norm?
    •   How do you abandon tokenism and really entrench your organisation in new communities and networks?
    •   Currently, Britain has no plans to introduce quotas for female board participation, is this holding us back?
    •    In light of Brexit is it possible to ensure that the growth of diversity continues in B2B business ?
  9. Digital Transformation
    • Our starting point – it’s early 2015 and we don’t have a responsive website
    • The challenges: Owning dozens of apps, hundreds of microsites and several thousand social media accounts
    • How we’re now transforming to make sense of it all
    • What we’ve done, what we’re working on and where we’ll be by 2020
  10. Influencer
    • Hear an in-depth case study as to how you can change your strategy to attract a whole new target audience
    • Explore the challenges and benefits of incorporating influencers into your marketing campaign
    • How to identify which influencer suit your brand and each other?
    • Creating content that people want to be part of using technology and human creativity

    Steve Wozniak is our second confirmed headliner for the Festival of Marketing 2016. A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for more than thirty years, Steve Wozniak has helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple’s first line of products the Apple I and II and influenced the popular Macintosh. 

  12. Brand & Creative
    • Hear Kimberly Wyatt’s journey from Pussycat Doll to celebrity mum, chef, fitness, dance and health influencer
    • Consider how talent can help brands maximise their objectives
    • Evaluate the power of celebrity talent
    • Learn how brands and their agencies can work more effectively with talent
  13. Insight
    • Exploring the insight strategy behind the launch (and survival!) of Veggie Pret
    • Embracing customer consultation: Using online polls to test and crowdsource new ideas
    • Using customer insight to help improve the end-to-end experience, and shape what your brand does next
    • The difference between truly listening to your customers, and just ticking the box
  14. Realising Your Potential
    • How surviving childhood sexual abuse, bereavement, drug addiction, homelessness, prison, betrayal, violence and mental illness led to the founding of Plant for Peace
    • The triumphant story of one man’s journey to overcome immense hardship and embark on epic adventures, ultimately transforming the lives of others
    • How Plant for Peace – a global initiative aimed at bringing sustainable stability to countries crippled by conflict – persuaded thousands of Afghani farmers to switch poppies for pomegranates
    • After such a journey – how it feels to be supported by multinational food companies, government officials, celebrities, military leaders, royal families and the entire nation of Afghanistan
  15. Realising Your Potential
    • Is male or female stereotyping ever ok?
    • What is our responsibility as marketers to dispel certain gender stereotypes?
    • What is our responsibility to the next generation to dispel certain gender stereotypes?
    • Will we ever live in a world without gender stereotypes
  16. Multichannel
    • The multichannel strategy behind Project Everyone’s mission, to share The Global Goals with every single person on this planet
    • Radio, text, social, film, OOH - which channels should be used for what?
    • What made the #whatireallyreallywant campaign so successful?
  17. Social
    • As one of the first brands to commission a Snapchat geo-filter, how is Wimbledon revamping its approach to social to engage a new generation of fans while keeping that core message
    • Telling the age-old Wimbledon story in new ways to Snapchat’s 10 million UK users
    • Curating exclusive content to make the virtual experience of Wimbledon the next best thing to being there
    • What role does Snapchat have in Wimbledon’s wider approach to social, including Instagram, Line and We Chat
    • The benefits of keeping social in-house
  18. Data & Analytics
    ·  Understanding who the Comic Relief fundraisers are and how they contribute to the cause
    ·  Streamlining data sources for one single enriched view of the customer
    ·  Using data to create a more agile, flexible and effective approach to marketing
    ·  How automating data quality services saved Comic Relief the equivalent of 65 full time days
    ·  Championing employee wide appreciation of data quality in making more informed decisions
  19. Brand & Creative
    • What can we learn from consumers’ music tastes?
    • How can heritage music content and themes be harnessed?
    • Why should you be commissioning new music works?
    • Why do iconic pop rock music sounds, images and themes resonate with so many generations?
    • How do grassroots talent platforms such as street performance connect with audiences of all ages?

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