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  1. Realising Your Potential
    • How unwavering optimism can create a successful business
    • People are everything, support your team, listen to your customers and you’ll reap the rewards
    • Constructive criticism is gold dust for growth and brand development 
    • The art of good conversation, a useful skill in all areas of business most of all customer service
  2. Digital Transformation
    • Learn about how the global Marketing VP views and embraces digital transformation across his brands
    • Insights from the largest global trial of NFC by a drinks brand as well as additional tech innovation trials
    • Thoughts on future trends of interest and live Q&A
  3. Insight
    • Lessons from BBC Worldwide’s “tool-box + storytelling” approach to consumer insight
    • How to ensure your REAL audiences are at the heart of everything you do as consumers become increasingly fragmented across touchpoints
    • The importance of innovation: How Affinio helps us understand both fans and hard to reach audiences
  4. AI
    • Can combining AI with human interaction help make your customers more autonomous?
    • When is AI most effective as a tool for customer service?
    • What happens if you’re data isn’t AI ready?
    • What’s the most effective way of engaging staff and helping them work along-side AI?
    • What are the cost implications both short and long-term?
  5. Social
    • How Just Eat nailed its social media strategy to build a following of over 1 million on Facebook
    • Learn to use social to remove any friction with your customers
    • Can you build your brand personality and reputation just across multiple social platforms?
  6. Data & Analytics
    • Getting Granular: Understanding how to leverage your data & analytics tools on a mobile-first business
    • Vanity Metrics: Learn how to look beyond the vanity metrics and focus on adding real lifetime value
    • Channel Attribution: Which channels and how to track to build scale & growth
  7. Realising Your Potential
    • What we wish we had known before we left employment for entrepreneurship!
    • The challenges, the stumbles and the successes. What have we learnt from it all?
    • How brands can utilise social media to market to mums in a truly positive way
  8. Personalisation
    • Recognising behavioural patterns in your users and employing emotional cues to create compelling triggers
    • Exploring case studies of personalised fundraiser and supporter engagement
    • Enabling the personalised experience by building creative storytelling tools into digital products that people will love
  9. Social
    • Exploring the role of ‘organic reach’ & engagement
    • Which measurement numbers can and cannot be trusted
    • How to make truly impactful content, and when not to post
    • Do marketers have anything to fear from ‘dark social’
  10. Brand & Creative
    • How an idea people once scoffed at has taken the drinks sector by storm
    • The unexpected secrets to creating a brand new category
    • The importance of purpose over product
    • The role of design in changing consumer perceptions and cultivating new behaviours
    • A chance to taste (tee)totally delicious Seedlip!
  11. Headliner
    Jo Malone headlines the Festival
  12. Customer Experience
    • When short term customer engagement strategies focus on keeping the brand relevant, how do you ensure long-term loyalty?
    • Working in a co-op: Offering a shared purpose to achieve superb customer service
    • How to gain partners and customers for life
    • The need for constant innovation and risk taking: How to manage high customer expectations across multiple touchpoints
  13. Realising Your Potential
    •    The neuro-diversity imperative
    •    Turning perceived disadvantages into USPs
    •    The commercial legitimacy for pursuing a wellness agenda





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